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Are you young when you are new? We are certain – and the clean start motivates us to clean up, well. In the spirit of the resolutions of the new year and to become our best target in 2019, we have been working on upgrading our cleaning routines. And that means removing bad kitchen cleaning habits.

We will do a whole series about bad cleaning habits that are worth kicking this year, but we start in the kitchen. As the heart of the house and the place where all your food preparation takes place, this is an important area to keep hygienic. Let’s start! Here are five bad kitchen cleaning methods to break this year.

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Do not forget your sink when cleaning your kitchen. Image: Jonathan Kitchen / Getty Images

Skip your sponge and sink

Do you clean your cleaners? If it’s been a while since you’ve thought about the hygiene of your sponge and sink, it’s time to start now. First of all, make a sponge set up with which it can drain. Sitting in his own water filled with food particles does absolutely no favors. This can be as simple as wringing out and cramming against your detergent. Just make it a habit to let it dry between uses.

You also have to disinfect it regularly. Come in through the dishwasher, microwave it or soak it in full vinegar or diluted bleach. Bam! You are ready to wash without strange things.

And do not forget the sink if you next disinfect your kitchen table. Who knows which mishmash of bacteria can grow if you do not regularly wipe it away.

Need for your clearance care

Do you think your waste processing is one of those things you can forget and forget? Think again. Your waste disposal needs some TLC. Think of all the things that you have asked for in the course of the years! You can buy waste disposers, but you can also do your own jobs. Sprinkle in half a cup of baking soda, then pour a cup of white vinegar down. Leave it for ten minutes and then follow it with boiling water.

If you have stinky garbage and are looking for a quick solution, some citrus peelings then freeze in ice cubes. Guide them through the removal for an immediate refresh.

If you still deposit fat in the drain, stop! This can not only cause problems with your own domestic plumbing, but it also has far-reaching implications. Have you ever heard of a fatberg? Yes, you read it correctly: fatberg. Apparently, when we all pour our sewer into the sewer system, it builds up in the sewer system and binds with calcium, creating gigantic greasy mountains that can cling to the ceiling of the sewer system. Over the course of time this can cause an important drainage. Do not be part of the problem. Keep a metal coffeemaker with lid under your sink and pour in grease and oil. Once it is full and the fluids have cooled down and adjusted, you can safely throw them in the trash.


Do you want a sparkling kitchen like this? Work from top to bottom. Image: Jasmin Merdan / Getty Images

First clean floors

When you clean your kitchen, you go from top to bottom. Wipe your hood first, clean your stove. Otherwise everything you’ve just wiped away can settle in the place where you prepare your food. The same applies to the rest of your kitchen. Start at the top, clean cabinets and disinfect counters. (We have some environmentally friendly DIY disinfectant options for you.) Finish with the floor and you have a really clean kitchen instead of one in which you’ve just moved some dust and food particles to accumulate.


Look, we know that procrastination is a fact of life. It is even difficult to put it on the list of bad kitchen cleaning habits because it is in its own field. But when it comes to your kitchen, it is really worth to go by.

Why? When you leave things in your sink (yes, we know the whole thing “I leave it to soak” routine), you invite problems. To begin with, serving a room temperature gives all leftover food bits the opportunity to form. In addition to creating a breeding ground for bacteria, you need to pest. Most will come to call at night, which means you have no idea what went down on your kitchen counter while you slept.

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What is hidden behind those pure stainless refrigerator doors? Image: Luxy images / Getty images

Forgot your fridge

A sparkling kitchen is a beautiful sight. But forget the areas that you do not see when you take a step back to admire your handiwork. Especially your fridge needs attention. Be part of your normal cleaning routine to open those doors, wipe planks and check expiration dates. By adding a refrigerator sweeper to your checklist for cleaning your kitchen, you can not discover that a small life form is evolving in the jelly jar that is stored in the back. It can also help you reduce food waste. If you know what is going to happen, you are more likely to use it. And that saves you money! It is well worth the extra minutes.

If one of these bad kitchen cleaning habits is familiar, do not worry. We are here with you. But 2019 can be our year to get it right and keep our kitchens completely clean!

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