Transform Your Basement with these Creative Ideas

Cellars are currently undergoing a renaissance. “Traditionally cellars were filled with a sectional, a large-screen television, a pool table and a mini-fridge for small refreshments,” says Patrick Garrett, real estate agent at H & H Realty in Trussville, AL.

He says, however, that the cellar is now changing from the human cave to the family room. “Many modern homeowners are now going for the” wow & # 39; factor, “Garrett explains. From cinemas to offices and even kitchens, homeowners use their cellars for more than storage.

Here are some imaginative ways to transform your cellar.

Home theater

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Entrance to a Westbury, MA basement home theater. Statue: CHIC Redesign

This basement home theater certainly looks opulent – but that is actually a simple solid core door with upholstered vinyl panels. The photo below shows the inside of the theater.

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home theater2

A real home entertainment experience. Statue: CHIC Redesign

“From massive family rooms at home to complete home theaters, you can expect large lounge decks with a recliner theater, high-resolution LCD projectors that produce cinema-quality images attached to ceilings, and images across the full width and height of the walls. “Garrett says. You can even add a popcorn machine to complete the theme of the cinema.

Versatile playroom

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media room / games room / bar

Washington, DC area multifunctional basement with a maple hardwood floor and custom bar. Statue: Moss Building and Design

“Homeowners also create versatile fun areas and use a wide range of lighting options to brighten up or soften the atmosphere,” says Garrett. “In my opinion, cellars are still a very popular home supply, if only for the luxury of receiving guests and friends.” This basement room offers multiple areas for guests to relax and play.

Cellar bar and brewery

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cellar bar

This Ottawa house has a bar and homemade beer. Statue: Only cellars

What’s on the tap? In this home bar and brewery in the basement in Ottawa, there is actually an 8-tapered chrome pull tower. For complex redesign of the basement, it is especially important to plan ahead. “If you are planning a renovation of the cellar, set your budget in advance”, J.B. Sassano, president of Mr. Handyman. Whether you’re working or hiring a professional, he says it’s important to ensure that every work meets local regulations.

Home office

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Home office

This Fulham, UK, mansion cellar has lots of light. Statue: MH Costa Construction Ltd

A home office in the basement can offer a nice, quiet place to work away from distractions. This minimalistic home office in this mansion has a cantilevered steel staircase and offers plenty of natural light.

Cellar suite

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mother in law suite

This Toronto basement has a separate living area. Statue: Rebecca Purdy Design

When you transform your basement with a separate bedroom, bathroom and office that look inviting, you are advised – the guests may not want to leave. “If you add another bathroom, you have to hire an authorized plumber,” says Sassano. “If you just want to improve an existing bathroom, some paint, a more modern vanity, new fixtures, towels and accessories can have a huge impact,” he says.

Basement kitchen

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cellar kitchen

The kitchen is located in the basement of this elegant London space. Statue: Casey & Fox

Garrett says another trend among homeowners is kitchens in the basement. This London cellar kitchen has a blue-gray glass backsplash, a quarter island and a heated floor in micro concrete. If your cellar is cold, air can seep in, according to Sassano. “Hold a wet hand in front of a light switch plate or outlet, if you feel air, you have a leak,” he says. “Placing foam rubber gaskets behind all light switches and outlets can stop these energy leaks.” Other ways to increase your energy efficiency in the basement include the use of strips and foam strips with a low VOC concentration around windows and door frames that leak air, Sassano advises. “Also add door handles and door shoe seals around doorstep and exterior doors,” he says.

Craft and laundry room

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craft laundry room

This basement area serves two purposes. Statue: RW Anderson Homes

This cellar in Seattle is not only the laundry room, but also serves as a hobby room. The spacious table offers enough space to work and the storage bins conceal all your requirements. This basement would certainly make laundry less of a chore.

Child-friendly cellar

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Child-friendly cellar

This basement in Burlington has a tailor-made storage system to keep toys neatly organized. Statue: Peregrine Design Build

The best way to keep your house clean and tidy is to give the children their own space. Bright colors and natural light contribute to the allure of this child-friendly cellar. “It is important to determine the extent of your renovation in the basement, because load-bearing walls play an integral role in the structure of your house,” says Sassano. This can be a factor in how you can best use space when you plan to transform your cellar.

Home gym

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Home gym

Portland-based home gym in the basement. Statue: Rhonda Divers Interiors

You will never have an excuse not to practice when the gym is downstairs in the basement. This basement cellar in Portland has a recycled rubber floor and everything you need to get in shape (or stay) while watching your favorite show.

Does one of these ideas help you to transform your cellar? Let us know in the comments.

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