Subsrenched pump best in test 2020 – Find the best here!

Having a submersible pump, or as they are also called, submersible pump, is among the best ways to drain a pool, flood or wells. Let’s assume you already know this and now want to know which one is the best.

That’s why we’ve done a submersible pump best in tests where you’ll find the very best submersible pumps for you and your budget.

Before we sink our teeth into the best products, we thought we’d go over what to keep in mind when buying a submissive pump. Come with me!

Considerations for their purchase of a submersible pump

Litres per hour

When you look at buying subletable pump so it can be beneficial to also look a bit at how much you can pump per hour, this if you are going to drain a lot of water. Many pumps can handle upwards of 10,000 litres per hour, which is equivalent to just over 166 litres per minute. This factor is unnecessary to count on if you only have 10000 liters of water, but if you have more water to drain/ drain then it is much more important.


What is your purpose? There are both industrial submersible pumps and so there are common ones used by Svenssons who want to empty the pool, flooded garage or well in a simple way. Make sure you buy one that is applied the purpose you need the pump for. In our submersible pump best in test, we have focused on ordinary submersible pumps, as we think that is what our target group is interested in.

How much does a submerge pump cost?

The price of a subletable pump depends entirely on what kind of features you are looking for. In addition, it depends on purpose, if you need an industrial pump then this can cost a lot more than a few thousand. In our test the price tag is around 700-1900kr.

Top 3 Best Submersible Pumps 2020

1st AL-KO Drain 20000 HD

This reliable and powerful pump from AL-KO is a perfectly subletable pump for wastewater. Do you have a contaminated dust or cistern? Or has your construction pit been drained? Then the water is filled with dirt particles, which increases the load on the pump significantly.

In stainless steel and the large inlet opening, this pump can easily filter out dirt particles up to 38mm grain size. This will allow your pump to last longer and the water it pumps out to be even cleaner. 20000 HD from AL-KO can handle heavily contaminated water and has no problem clearing out the dirt.

The engine does not need any maintenance and the pump will have a long lifetime. This is definitely the best submersible pump considering the price as well as how long it lasts without major maintenance.

This can pump up to 20,000 litres of water per hour, which is the highest in this test. It is efficient, durable and simply the very best!

See the price here!

2. Einhell Expert GE-SP 750 LL

The Einhell Expert GE-SP 750 LL is an excellent sublet pump for emptying, among other things, pool and shallow water. The pump has a built-in fortiso which allows it to easily remove shallow water to 4 mm.

It is easy to take with you to the neighbor or to carry out to the pool or shallow water. With a weight of 3.8kg and a handle and an integrated cable roll, this is very simple. This pump can pump 15,000 litres per hour, which is slightly lower than that from AL-KO, but at the same time significantly better than other models on the market.

This is one of the very best submersible pumps on the market and therefore deserves a strong second place.

See the price here!

3. Hozelock Bar 1.1 Irrigation Pump (Subsible)

Hozelock is a company in horticultural goods that has a good reputation for producing high quality products at an affordable price, and Hozelock Bar 1.1 is no exception! This irrigation pump is a perfect pump for moving large quantities from a pool to a water barrel. To use the pump, place a water barrel, connect the hose from the Hozelock and turn on.

You can also use the built-in water drip system, as well as AquaPod, pistols and sprinklers. The pump is supplied with 10m cable. The product also has two filters that clean out the water so that the product lasts longer.

We highly recommend this water pump from Hozelock!

See the price here!


No matter which submeable pump in this test you will choose, we are sure that you will find one that you will be very happy with. Then you can put the price tag higher and empty the pole one at a time.

How does a submerge pump work?

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