Residential Neighborhood in France Adds Wooden Terraces

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Brenac & Gonzalez & Associés completed the design of a residential building complex in Romainville, France. Integrated wooden boxes that are used as terraces disturb the linearity of the living units. This also brings a much needed feeling of warmth to the new residential area.

“Fragmentation of built mass opens the way for continuity with the surrounding context and the creation of visual perspectives, making this city block more porous and open,” according to the architects. “This approach also relieves the perception of density, resulting in high-quality apartments, with multiple orientations and limited direct view of the neighbors across the street,” she added.

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As you walk through the newly created paths, you get a sense of changing perspectives. One can easily see how the playfulness of the environment is. Hopefully this will have a positive impact on the quality of life of future residents, as well as their comfort.

“Groen also has an important role to play, by sliding the spaces between the buildings and colonizing the courtyards of the city block”, according to the architects.

According to the architects, this domestic, local aspect also underlines the architectural plan by treating the terraces, which are separate from the façades, which are served by wooden walkways and which can be represented as tree houses. “We love the view of the tree house of these terraces What do you think? Let us know in the comments if you are a fan Information provided by Brenac & Gonzalez & Associés, photography courtesy of Sergio Grazia.


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