Renovation Living room V | Interior cabinet

Renovation Living room V | Interior cabinet

Are you sitting in a gray interior, while your terrace and garden have been designed to be super cozy? That is of course not the intention. The somewhat uninhibited character of the living room and kitchen of this terraced house in Mechelen stood in stark contrast to the beautiful garden that rolled into the living room. The inhabitants took our interior architects under the arm, and they delivered a design in which white tones and customization as a thread through the interior were stretched.

As a result, the rooms do not only look bigger, but the interaction between outside and inside look perfect. U.S contracting team took care of the execution and made sure that the furniture was made to the highest level. The other furniture pieces were delivered by our housing store. The cozy seat of Moome and the beautiful lamps of DCW éditions make this interior a great place to relax!


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