Renovation in Mechelen: more spacious living with less space

Renovation in Mechelen: more spacious living with less space

How do you make your home a home?

Making your home a home… It is only one letter difference, yet it can feel like a big step. With a thousand and one tips getting slapped around your ears, things get complex rather quickly.

The family of “project A.”In Mechelen the trees could no longer be seen through the trees. Not to mention the search for the right construction partner.

More spacious living does not always require major renovation

The A. family home exuded the typical atmosphere of the architectural style of the mid-20th century. Unfortunately, this resulted in one lack of breathing space. With dark wood, colored glass and a heavy beam structure, the living space felt stuffy.

Although the house is in a beautiful area, you noticed little of it inside. The family of four needed it more light and wanted live more spaciously, but a major renovation or expansion was a bridge too far.

If you think correctly from the inside out, it is often not necessary to add extra volume to the house. That is how they ended up at the Interior Cabinet.

Renovation in Mechelen: more spacious living with less space - before and after
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The switch (effect): the importance of a personal click

Everyone is different. For example, the woman already saw herself alive in the design, while her husband still had doubts. We noticed that he was not only concerned with the budget and timing of the project, but also the click with the designer was missing.

Because a design and renovation process is not only intensive, but also personal, we think it is important that everyone feels good about it. Within the design team, we looked for another colleague who was more on the same wavelength with the customer. Kristel turned out to be the perfect match!

As project leader of the contracting team, Benoit was already intensively involved in the design phase. In this way, all doubts about the further implementation could be cleared.

Working together as one team

Instead of a long way of pulling and pushing, it became one pleasant cooperation. The decision to switch designers couldn't have turned out better. From the beginning we always try to choose the most suitable designer from the team for your project.

Does this not work? Then we can easily anticipate this thanks to our diverse design team. Also the technical knowledge is present at the office. Involving Benoit so quickly does not stop with a theoretical plan, but becomes one successful implementation.

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More light = living more spaciously

The solution to bring more light into the home was realized within the building volume. Moreover, the veranda was removed so that the window to the garden – if enlarged – now bathes the living space in light.

More space was created with less space. The construction budget that had otherwise been gained from bricks could now be used for the interior. From furniture to curtains and wallpaper, this project got a nice finishing touch.

The end result is a cozy house to relax, enjoy and above all to be together. In short, a home!

Renovation in Mechelen: more spacious living with less space

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