New Orleans Artist Debbie Boyd Hageman Looks to Mother Nature

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The balance between cool and fat works perfectly in the work of artist Debbie Boyd Hageman. All images courtesy of Debbie Boyd Hageman.

Newbie-born artist Debbie Boyd Hageman has always looked at her mother for inspiration, comfort and refuge. From the moment she was a little girl in the garden with her mother, who let their vegetables grow, photographed and painted in her beloved New Orleans, Boyd Hageman thinks that her creativity flows best when she is outside.

"I look at the landscape and see something new every time", says Boyd Hageman. She paints large, bold, colorful abstract paintings for commercial and private customers around the world.

The Philly autochthon spent a good part of her childhood in the state of Indiana. When she was in her early twenties, she went south, to Florida, where she started her artistic career. Although she had always painted and spent a short time in the art classes of the university, it took until the 20th when she reached the Sunshine state that she could sell her paintings and confirm that she could be successful as an artist.

Her use of both bright and muted colors, often together, is part of what makes her art so attractive. Although she sells smaller items so that her art is accessible to all price points, Boyd Hageman usually makes larger pieces that stand alone. "I tend to express myself best with large-scale canvases," she says.

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Deep, dark colors by artist Debbie Boyd Hageman work well in a monotonous space.

Freedom of speech

For this busy artist and mother it really is about expression.

"Sometimes I hate a lot, I love it, then I hate it, eventually I come to a place where I can quit, and I love that," she says laughing. Although she makes every effort to keep the artistic temperament to a minimum, Boyd Hageman joked that she was known for throwing a piece on the ground if she was not satisfied at all. "I usually pick it up later and start working on it again."

The talented painter is also a talented cook who makes the majority of her family meals daily – and from scratch. By working as an artist, she could spend more time with her husband and two children. Her family also loves the outdoors. They often walk over the dike with a view of the Mississippi River. The beautiful walk is only a few hundred feet from her front door in the Algiers Point district of New Orleans. It is that freedom that she finds most attractive.

"I think it's great that I make my own schedule, set my own rules and really can be myself," she says.

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Newbie-based contemporary artist Debbie Boyd Hageman in her studio.

The creative process

The artist has set up a studio in her house and has placed photos of her process almost every day. Many collectors buy their pieces directly from Boyd Hageman through its social media channels. She says that these channels are like a virtual art gallery and that she has a huge appreciation for them. Some artists that she follows and admires on Instagram are Adam Handler, Eileen Noonan and Joseph Conrad-Ferm, as well as many others.

The busy artist also sells her pieces in various art galleries and artistic spaces, such as the broad theater. In addition, she sells in local hotels such as the Old 77 Hotel through the composite collection of Where Y & # 39; Art. She also has pieces in the permanent collections of The Jung Hotel, Pigeon and Price and The Brent House Transplant Institute.

On days when her schedule and maternal nature are aligned, the natural beauty will take up her paintings and equipment and go to the famous French Quarter. There she often settles on Jackson Square with a large number of other talented artists.

"It's a real community of people who take care of each other," she says. She adds that she is learning a lot from her contemporaries about everything from the location of the best parking spaces to easy ways to drag cloths and equipment through the busy streets.

For more information about Debbie Boyd Hageman go to her website or follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

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