smart home technology - smart blinds

New 2018 Smart Home Technology You Might Want

When the Disney Channel Original Movie Smart House came out in 1999, every aspect of the house looked fantastic. Less than 20 years later, however, more and more American families live in smart homes. We use technology to turn off the light or keep our homes at pleasant temperatures. But just like with all other technologies, smart home technology shows no signs of slowing down. Of course, you can help Alexa to turn your house off at night, but do not stop there.

If you want to keep your house on the cutting edge, we have completed a handful of the best smart home technology of 2018. View the latest ways to make your home smarter.

smart home technology - smart blinds

Use your window coverings to keep your home comfortable – without all the work – with smart sun protection. Image: MySmartBlinds

See the light (when you want it) with smart blinds

Whether your house or apartment has no air conditioning or you are just looking for a way to lower your energy bills, your window coverings can help. Open blinds during hours of sunlight help keep a room comfortably warm during the colder months. Closed shades when the sun comes over the horizon keeps your space cooler during the summer. But managing all your windows at all hours of the day can get tired.

That is where smart blinds come in. You can automate this motorized window covering. They open when you are ready to greet the day with sunlight, in the neighborhood when you want to keep a room cooler, open when you get home from work, close when you go to bed – you get it. Smart blinds make your windows a powerful tool that your home can use for better temperature control and atmosphere. The best part is that you do not have to lift a finger.

Smart Home technology - refrigerator

Your smart fridge can become a hub for your entire family. Image: Samsung

Save on groceries with a smart fridge

How often have you been in the store to remember whether you need eggs? Not sure, you take a box, only to come home and discover that you already had a dozen. A smart refrigerator can eliminate this small but recurring annoyance, plus a large number of others. These refrigerators are equipped with an indoor camera (so you can view the status of items while you are in the store) and a tablet on the front panel. That tablet can do a lot, by reminding you of food that is about to lapse into reading your recipes while you are cooking. Some smart fridge tablets can even serve as a hub for your family, with a schedule from which everyone can coordinate or serve as a whiteboard, so you can leave messages when needed. If you have been looking to upgrade your refrigerator, choose smart home technology for lower supermarkets and better kitchen (and family) efficiency.

smart home technology - smart fan

Use your fan in such a way that it is intended with smart technology. Image: Hunter

Chill out with a smart fan

Wi-Fi connected ceiling fans are here. And thank goodness, because we probably use our fans too much. Did you know that fans cool people, no rooms? The feeling of excitement that they generate gives you a cooler feeling, but it does not really reduce the temperature. When you run a fan when you leave the room, you just waste energy. Smart fans let you plan when you turn on fans and put them on a timer so you do not leave them indefinitely. Some even have location-based triggers so that they know they are turned on when you are close to home. Your fans can do their work, but your energy bill remains low.

smart home technology - smart crane

Let your tap measure water for you. Image: Delta Faucet

Cook cleaner and faster with a smart tap

We have had the opportunity for years to use motion-detecting faucets in public toilets. This hands-free technology finally comes to our homes. Never again make the faucet dirty if you try to wash your hands after preparing raw meat. Now you can switch on your counter with a hand movement or a touch of the wrist.

And smart crane technology is evolving even further, thanks to voice activation. Tell your crane to turn on hot water while you are transferring your dirty dishes. Ask for your three cups of water to give for your pasta. You do not have to leave your measuring cups; your crane can do it for you. Upgrading to a new faucet is a good example of using smart home technology to make your daily life easier.

smart home technology - smart mug

A smart mug keeps your coffee warm during even the longest meetings. Image: Ember

Sip safely all day with a smart mug

If you are really ready to go on board with smart technology that makes your life easier, why not invest in a few that you can take with you outdoors? A smart mug can be at home on a cozy Sunday morning, during your commute and during your working day. These compact devices keep your coffee or tea at a constant temperature for as long as you want. That cup you forgot to bring to your meeting? It will still be steaming when you come back. Smart mugs can also warn you that a drink is too hot (bye, scalded tongues!) And follow your fluid intake, push memories to get in your daily water needs.

The best smart home technology of 2018

Is there a new smart home technology that we did not mention? The latest technology moves quickly. If you think we have forgotten some important technology that makes life at home easier, let us know in the comments.

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