maximalistic living room

More Is More: 9 Ways to Rock the Maximalism Trend

maximalistic living room

There is more to love in a living room in a maximal style. Statue: Caseys Furniture

We love the maximalism design because of the lush colors and the “you can not ruin it” style that it delivers. The embellishment of trends ensured that minimalism remained strong for many years, until the idea of ​​Hygge and the lifestyle of comfort could be seen. Decorating for comfort meant filling our homes with things that we love. Maximalism means enveloping our home with even more of those things. This style is not messy or random – you can not achieve the appearance simply by filling your space with decor. You do not have to commit 100 percent to maximalism, but you can borrow the best of the trend to transform your space.

Maximalism: the basis

  • Load many colors.
  • The more art, the better.
  • Strive for comfort and add only the decor that you love.
  • Maximalism is the dream of a book lover – you can not have too many books.
  • Do not strive for perfection, strive for personalization.

There is no wrong way to create a maximalist style in your home. You simply add more of what you would like to do at home. There are no rules for maximalistic decorating. All you need is a passion for creating a truly unique space. If you need inspiration to get started, here are the top nine (easy) tips that we love.

maximalistic living room

You can never have too much color. Statue: Charlotte Crosland Interiors

1. Be generous with color

The basis for maximalism design is color – very much. You can start with a basic color palette and continue building from there. When you are looking for maximum inspiration, you will immediately notice that dark colors such as black and navy blue are popular wall colors. The secret of the dark wall color is to fill the room with striking or bright accents and patterns to balance things out.

Gallery wall maximalist

Surround yourself with color and art that is important to you. Statue: Slater interiors

2. Create a wall of art

We love the gallery walls that are the most prominent design feature of maximalism. You can fill every inch of an accent wall with illustrations and still be in fashion. The secret to making a maximalist work on the gallery wall is to forget what you know about coordinating the frames, colors and subjects of your art. The purpose of your decoration is to simply fill a wall with art that you love. The only guideline you need to follow is to ensure that your illustrations are placed correctly. Determine a measurement between each frame and use that as your guide. Your maximalist gallery wall can contain artwork in different formats, but the distance must be uniform.

modern living room

Fill your house with what you love. Statue: Billinkoff architecture

3. Decorate with what you love

We love our homes even more when we are surrounded by the things we love. Maximalism means more of everything; that means more of your favorite colors, fabrics and accessories. To make sure your decor does not look too random, you’ll find a few common colors or patterns that you can repeat through space. There is a thin line between your decor as “everything bagel” and a bowl of colorful pastries.

living room book shelves

Books are an essential element of maximalism. Statue: Naomi Astley Clarke

4. Books are a must-have for maximalistic decorating

If you love books, you will love to be maximalistic. The maximalist style is the dream of a book lover, while other styles usually limit the number of books you can display. All your books are so welcome in maximalism – no more boxes with books in your garage. Your collection looks great in high bookshelves, or even stacked on side tables.

maximalistic living room

Combining modern and traditional design adds maximum style to a living room. Statue: The Troop Group

5. Maximalism is also about comfort

Minimalism and contraction brought a style deterioration that left us for comfort. The need for comfort drove extreme nesting styles such as Hygge to our homes, but those styles do not have the glamor that many of us crave. Maximalism is the best of both worlds, by combining our most comfortable decor with our favorite colors and accessories.

pink living room

Creative maximism forms the core of this cheerful living room. Statue: Colin price photography for Noz Design

6. Create a space with maximum cheering

Maximalism can be the perfect decoration style for you if you like bright colors and patterns. To create a cheerful maximalistic space, warm color palettes with flowery patterns are a must-have. You can incorporate other decorative styles into your maximalistic space, because this style fits beautifully with boho, English land and other cheerful looks.

boho living room

Maximalism works effortlessly with boho style. Statue: Breeze Giannasio

7. Boho-style decoration is a perfect match for maximism

Boho-style fans will probably fall in love with maximism. These two styles share a common theme of wonderful surplus. If you like print fabric, love color and love to immerse yourself in everything that is beautiful, you can easily embrace maximalism while staying true to your boho roots.

vintage style of maximalism

Vintage-style maximalism brings the magic for this beautiful living room. Statue: Jodie Cooper Design

8. Add vintage accents

Your favorite vintage furniture and accessories fit easily into your maximum space. Although decorations can be very minimalistic in the mid-century, the vibrant colors and expressive art can also radiate a maximum style. The Victorian and Art Deco styles also all had too much, so you will have no problem combining them with maximalism to create a room you love.

colorful living room

Embrace your unique style with the eclectic décor in this beautiful living room. Statue: Dulux UK

9. Your maximalistic home does not have to be perfect

How relaxing would it be to decorate without the pressure of perfection. The style of Maximalism works best when it is imperfect. Although your interior must have a number of unifying colors or patterns, it is absolutely unnecessary to worry about adjusting furniture or colors – in fact, that is the best part.

Are you going to jump on the maximalism trend? Let us know your plans in the comments below!

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