How to Make Your Vacation Rental Appealing to Winter Guests

With more than 4 million short-term holiday rentals competing for bookings on sites like HomeAway and Airbnb, catching a good guest can be difficult. Keep this top-quality holiday home this winter by making it look like a cozy space for vacationers. Make a few tweaks in the winter, update your entry!

Warm up your decor

You do not have to redesign completely, but making a few adjustments can quickly add a winter getaway feeling to your Airbnb or HomeAway rentals. Think of fluffy blankets, lots of textures and warm colors. Create an island vibe with greens, blues, oranges and yellows. Here are a few ideas to help you on your way.

Add seasonal cushions and cozy textures with deep, lush colors. Round off the theme with a seasonal decor. Replace summer sisal carpets with warm, comfortable rugs. You can also make your bathroom a comfortable space with a fresh, new shower curtain and seasonal scented soap. This can make your holiday warm and inviting.

Fill a glass jar with water and put beautiful flowers in it. Put down your most memorable vacation photos, maps of local attractions and cool travel kits. Place a number of local decorations in your space. This can be as simple as filling a small dish with stones or other souvenirs that you have taken on your own travels. Use souvenirs from your favorite trips to decorate the rooms, inspire your guests and initiate a conversation.

Play winter activities

Your guests are not only sleeping and showering at your rental property – they will go out, have fun and be ready to live like a local. Help them enjoy their stay even more by giving their winter adventures a flying start. Winter essential things like this will cause them to hit that book button!

  • Covered dining and lounging with great furniture
  • Fireplace for friends and family to come together
  • Cozy couches to relax in the afternoon
  • Local guides and magazines, plus a personal list of your favorite activities and restaurants
  • Books and board games for rainy days

Bring a warm air handling unit to the attention

There is nothing worse than arriving at a beautiful holiday home and discover that it is freezing cold and you can not sleep at night. Make sure that the environment of your guests is as comfortable as their own home – with the right air conditioning.

Before your winter rental season starts, you must replace your air filters and have your air conditioning unit serviced. You should also consider investing in a regular maintenance contract with the spring and autumn service so that you are ready for guests all year round. It is an affordable way to have peace of mind that your tenants will be comfortable during their stay.

If you want to equip a new Airbnb rental agreement or upgrade your HVAC unit, you should look for a pipeless cooling and heating system. Ductless systems are very popular for rental and allow your guests to regulate their own temperature and comfort. And because pipeless systems are a closed system without ductwork, they are more energy-efficient and can help you save money on electricity bills.

Tell it and share photo & # 39; s

Once you have changed your space in a holiday port, you should definitely create new photos and update your rental listing. Do not forget to update the title and description of your property to mention the updates you have made for winter travelers. It can be as simple as GREAT WINTER OUT. These words and images will paint the perfect picture, so that potential guests can imagine that they are enjoying the ideal holiday week or weekend in your home away from home.

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