How to Design a Small Dining Space That Actually Works

Just because your house has no room for a full, formal dining room does not mean that you still can not create a great space to entertain. Working with a small dining room can be difficult, but with a little planning and front height you can have almost any amount of footage working for you.

Do not believe us? Keep scrolling. We have given you our best tips for designing a small dining space, without feeling that it is too tight. Read on to see which ideas work best in your own home. With our help you can create a space that is just as goal-oriented and inviting.

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Be sure to define the space as an area by itself. Image: Marcel Page Photography

Define the space

The first step to creating a space is to define it. If your dining room is part of another room such as the kitchen or living room, you want to make it clear that this room has its own purpose. By doing this, the function of the room becomes crystal clear, which is crucial for every successful interior design project.

As for how to draw it, there are a few ways to ground a space on itself. You could add a hanging lamp as shown in the picture above, which will also help to bring more visual interest into space. You can also choose to include a rug under the dining table. Using one of these methods or both is similar to a finishing touch that makes your dining room seem like a complete thought rather than a table and chairs that have just been put in the room.

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small dining room

Play around with seat alternatives. Image: Space Craft Joinery

Be creative with seats

Sometimes when you work with small spaces, you do not have the luxury to follow a traditional lay-out. While a normal formal dining room usually contains a long table that is covered with chairs on both sides, it does not have to look at it. You have the freedom to be creative with seats and to find an arrangement that works well for you.

Think with that in mind outside the box. Is your dining room in an uncomfortable corner that could benefit from rounded seats instead of the traditional rectangle or square? Can you use benches instead of chairs to take up less space in total? If you are really in a tight enclosure, could you benefit from multifunctional seats that also serve as storage space?

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Choose furniture that is proportionate to the space you have. Image: Kronfoto

Choose light furniture

In interior design it is important to take into account proportions or the relationship in size between all objects in space. Although that may sound vague, it only means that you have to make an effort to find objects that are the right size for the room, instead of pieces that feel as if they are filled or drown in open space.

In small rooms you want to consider light furniture, which means that it looks light in terms of weight. In general, this means that you opt for furniture with legs. The light through the furniture can see, instead of having closed it and sit on the floor heavily, gives the illusion that it has more space.

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Drive home with the cozy feeling with accessories. Image: Shannon Crain

Keep it cozy

Finally, keep in mind that dining rooms are intimate spaces. These are rooms where people can sit and talk for hours while enjoying a good meal. Small spaces inherently add that sense of intimacy, so there is no reason not to embrace it. To get the best out of your small dining space, you must make an effort to make it feel comfortable and cozy.

The obvious answer for how to do this is to bring in textiles. Add some pillows to your seats and, if you have the possibility, some pillows as pictured above. Beyond that, the right accessories can also bring a feeling of cosiness into space. Think about investing in some relaxing art on the wall or a nice center for the table that can become a central point.

Do you work with a small dining room? How did you make the design for your home? Tell us in the comments below.

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