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How to Create the Perfect Gallery Grid in Your Home

When an old trend in interior design gets a make-over, it is like a relief. The gallery grid, a new view of the gallery wall, is the newest. Keep reading to learn all about this twist on a classic. Discover why it works so well and how you can make the look yourself. Trust us when we say that you do not want to miss it.

A gallery grid is a new view of the gallery wall. Image:

What is a gallery grid?

In interior design, all trends are cyclical. The gallery grid is no different. With this comeback, we see a more refined version of the gallery wall. Whereas the traditional gallery wall had everything to do with eclectic curation and placement, the gallery grid offers a more customized view of the display of art on the wall.

Gallery grids all have to do with structure. Although the display can include any type of artwork, the way you hang them up is the key. Gallery screens can be vertical or horizontal and include two rows or ten. But they must be provided with evenly hung prints that come together to form a square or a rectangle.


This type of gallery wall is a bit more structured. Image: Mtlapcevic / Shutterstock

Why this look works

Standard gallery walls are great, especially if you like the eclectic look, but they can get a little bit unmanageable. Before you know it, a whole wall is covered with a mix of different artworks that have very little or something together. Believe it or not, it is psychologically overwhelming to absorb all those stimuli in us.

It all has to do with the way our brain processes information. According to Gestalt psychology, although our eyes take separate pieces of information, our brains cook everything in a simple, simpler and recognizable pattern. With a traditional gallery wall, this can not be possible. However, a gallery grid makes it simple.

Gallery grids are in fact based on repeating patterns. First, it does not matter how many pieces of artwork are used, it is always an even number. There is also a coordinating color scheme or subject that brings together the individual pieces of art. Pattern recognition is very easy with these arrangements, which is why we tend to see them as more aesthetic.


This type of gallery wall is a bit more structured. Image: Mtlapcevic / Shutterstock

How to draw your own gallery grid

Now that you know what this trend is and why it works, the next step is to learn how to create your own copy. Although this process is quite simple, we have some tips that you can keep in mind to ensure that your gallery grid looks great every time.

Find a theme

The first step in designing a gallery grid is to select the different artworks that you want to use. Instead of just choosing a piece that you like, you want to build this arrangement around a theme. You can choose from a current or a color-controlled theme, but you need a kind of red thread to join the look together.

Work in even numbers

As we said above, your gallery wall can be as big or as small as your heart desires. It can contain as many rows and columns as you want. However, if there is one rule that you absolutely must follow, it is that your grid must contain an even number of artworks. It will not work differently.

Measure, measure, measure

When hanging a gallery grid, measuring is the secret of success. It must not only contain an even number of pieces, but each of those pieces must be evenly distributed. Uniform distance ensures greater symmetry and ensures that the end product looks polished. In this case, do not look out, break your measuring tape.

What do you think of the gallery grid trend? Let us know in the comments.

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