Home Of Surreal Interiors & Modern Empire Style

Home Of Surreal Interiors & Modern Empire Style

These fabulously surrealist interiors are a complete home concept that was conceived by Moscow-based Only Design in Russia. The surrealistic imagination is achieved by combining different epochs of the Soviet design, where the decadent Empire style meets with minimalistic modern pieces. Classic sculpture gets a crushing color update and is combined with furniture pieces for a bizarre twist. Mirrored panels with a graceful old patina stare down over shiny new surfaces. Glorious ethereal rooms are lit by large windows, where pure folds fold and filter the daylight. Powdery tones of dark pink and soft, mauve surround-like red accent pieces and some shocking off-key explosions of multicolor.

Photographer: Sergey Krasyuk

The traditional Soviet design fills the living room of this house with graceful panache. White painted paneling covered the walls, meeting with deep decorative coving on the ceiling line. An out-of-the-ordinary traditional fireplace echoes the fringes and flounces of the cornice – and of the light-gathered window coverings.


Antique mirrors, heavy with patina, are placed in the wall panels around the windows. Their sad sheen is matched by a crystal chandelier that swings from a graceful ceiling rosette. Boiserie has an indentation that spans the dividing line between the living room and the kitchen. An elegant full-length mirror stands against the same dive line, with a dim, mauve frame that is akin to the crowning architrave of an interior door. It is the side table and dining table where things start to lean towards a surrealistic realm; mirror-gloss gold and metallic red painted sculptures stand like table legs under white marble sheets. A Borzoi and Bulldog lounge in their high-end house.


A white modern minimalist kitchen is in open formation with the Empire-style living room.


A selection of toy toys with the neoclassical theme.


The unique dining table is surrounded by perfectly translucent Casper chairs, which keep the view of the sculptural foot clear.


Herringbone covers wooden floors from the lounge, and is replaced with simple gray tiles in the modern kitchen.


Vintage ladies swim between the bubbles at the center of the dining table.


In the kitchen, a mauve storage unit reflects the color of the antique mirror on the other side of the room. The deep shade brings a certain warmth and depth in the simple ice cream kitchen scheme.


A white oven mixes with the simple L-shaped white kitchen. Salvaged relief plaster is like a nice backsplash behind a white stove.


More vintage curiosities adorn the kitchen counter and window sill, along with a few houseplants. The Jade plant brings medallions of green to the pale palette.


The master bedroom has a much warmer color story, with dusky pink over the entire perimeter of plinth to cove and overflowing boiserie and consoles.


An arch over a canape is occupied with boiserie blooms, and is set on double consoles on both sides. An angelic wall mural in the arch casts mauve magic over naturally colored bedding and heavily contrasting black bedspread cushions. The black standard of an antique tailor’s doll duplicates the basic note.


A small side table next to the bed is made in multi-colored parts that hit the classic bust area that supports it.


Another bust is a mirror panel above the bedstead, which is framed in the boiserie. On both sides of the glass are hangers of pink crystal bedroom, each with a slightly different shape. Pink bedding and white fluffy Mongolian accents cushions clothe the mauve high four-poster bed. The bedside tables in this bedroom are resolutely decorated and non-functional, with no room for an alarm clock, book or even a glass of water.


Another strikingly clear accent falls from the ceiling of the bedroom, where day-glo beads cover the flex to a small orb hanging lamp. Rumpled, mauve curtains hide storage compartments at the ends of the perfect daybed.


Whitetail feathers protrude from the hip of a man’s torso, tattooed in neon pink & # 39; is. An abstract black and purple paint effect marks a round mirror on the same console unit.


A single bedroom is decorated with wall paintings in a ballet theme.


Seasoned ballet slippers hang from their ribbons over the shoulder of a classic torso image on the floor. A modern iridescent sculpture is located in the light of the window. The same lightweight curtains that you see in the living room and the kitchen also find their way into the bedroom.


A modern semi-circular desk on a chromed frame has been given a dose of Empire style, by adding some elegant columns around the base. There is a modern art sculpture that lives on the worksheet, in addition to a unique glass table lamp on a chrome stand. A plain white modern office chair is heated with a cozy faux fur rug.


Another faux fur carpet settles on the floor near the bed, where a few books have been omitted. Two storage units are at both ends of the mint-colored single bed and look like architectural columns; a pair of suspended wall sconces fill the space in between. The ethereal scheme is splashed by a fluorescent paint effect on the white vintage mirror frame and a white wooden rocking horse. A floor lamp stands on a colliding blue, orange, pink, green, purple and yellow base.

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