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Holiday Decorating for Busy People

You love the holiday, but let's face it: you have neither the time nor the desire to decorate your home during the holiday season. At the same time you do not want to be mistaken for Ebenezer Scrooge. Is there a middle way? Yep. Here are some tips for decorating the holidays for busy people.

Use daily items

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A homemade Christmas tree in Sydney, AU. Image: Red Agape blog

"For quick and easy ways to decorate the holiday, I recommend to use what you might already have in your interior and lay down holiday items", Karen Otto advises at Home Star Staging in Dallas, TX. "You can for example decorate earthenware, bowls, chests, shelves and vases with fresh or imitation-real-looking evergreens." In the photo above, homeowners gathered sticks on their property and decorated with white clay tags and lights.

Otto also recommends using holiday cards (past and present) when decorating holidays to create super-simple and stylish scenes for your Christmas environment.

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red pillows

Red cushions add joy to the holiday. Image: Lance Selgo, unique lighting photography

Another idea for simply decorating a holiday is to simply add holiday colors, such as pillows and throws that are red, green, silver and / or gold, says Otto. These articles not only add Christmas spirit, but also warmth.

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This house in Edmonton has found a simple and fun way to decorate. Image: AMR Interior Design and Drafting

You would be surprised what kind of items there are in your home that can be used to decorate holidays. "I will stack my vintage coolers in the back entrance for a welcoming holiday look," adds Otto. "Do not think too long – just adding a few simple details in key rooms is perhaps all you need to feel festive and in the spirit," says Otto.

Decorate once for the season

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Christmas tree

The tree offers decorations inside and outside. Image: Houseology Design Group Limited

You can also kill two birds with one stone. "Do double work with your Christmas tree: by placing your tree in the windshield of the house, it can serve as a decoration for both the inside and the outside", says Brandon Stephens, president of Christmas decor."Nothing looks more festive than a beautiful tree, dressed in light, and this trick can make your house look beautiful and cozy inside and out."

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Classic fireplace wreath. Image: The Graffiti photography

He also advises to use garlands and wreaths to decorate easily. "Most supermarkets and garden centers have fresh wreaths and wreaths ready to hang," says Stephens. "Go to your local store for an even simpler option and buy the imitation version – these will certainly brighten up your home." He says that you can add a few Christmas bows and that your house is ready for the season.

"Blow up Santa, snowmen and reindeer are fun and quick and ready with decoration, "says Sephens." These festively illuminated lawn ornaments will certainly be a hit in the neighborhood and are low maintenance. "

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spray paint

Grouped objects in sprayed baskets. Image: Rustoleum

Do not consider holiday decorating

Kymberlyn Lacy, head designer at International Flair Designs, has some additional tips. "Place holiday ornaments in a decorative bowl or vases", she recommends. "Fresh fruit such as cranberries, oranges and nuts can also be used." The baskets above were sprayed red and then filled with ornaments and birch logs.

"Create an ambiance in your room by adding holiday candles," says Lacy. "Some of my personal favorite scents are Pomegranate Noir, Cranberry and Festive Fir, just to name a few.

She also says that you can put an extra large Poinsettia on your coffee table, dining room table or clamp it around your fireplace.

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holiday decorating everyday objects

Another example of every day items grouped together. Image: AMR Interior Design and Drafting

The holidays are often a stressful time of the year, but do not let decorations be the source of your frustration. "Have fun and do not feel pressured by what someone else is doing," says Otto. "Whether you do everything or decide to keep the light, only you know what makes your holiday happy and cheerful."

Do not forget that you can always hire a professional. "Hanging outdoor lighting is not the easiest task, especially if the temperature has already dropped, "says Stephens." Skip the wrestling and hire a professional – you can talk through design, color and style without lifting a finger. "

Are you looking for easier ideas for decorating your holiday? Here are fun DIY decorations that you can add to your home.

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