Here’s Your Design Style, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign can say a lot about your personality and preferences. Depending on where the stars were in the air at the time of your birth, your design style might be fat and cluttered, neat and organized or somewhere in between.

Look for your star sign below (or the sign of someone you love) to view the favorite design style of the board. It is a great way to find the perfect gift for someone or to decide for yourself the best design style for your personality.

21 March – 19 April Ram
April 20 – May 20 | Taurus
21 May – 20 June Twins
21 June – 22 July Cancer
23 July – 22 August Lion
23 August – 22 September Virgin
23 September – 22 October Scale
October 23 – November 21 | Scorpio
November 22 – December 21 | Sagittarius
December 22 – January 19 | Capricorn
January 20 – February 18 | Aquarius
19 February – 20 March Fish


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The ardent Ram loves the latest design ideas and the color red. Image: Silver Dragon

About you: You are passionate, passionate and a pioneer. An Aries is full of energy and people are attracted by your nice, warm personality. Ram people are not afraid to try something new. You like to be on the move, so you prefer that your house requires little maintenance.

Design style: contemporary

Design keywords: Minimalist, contemporary, sleek, the latest

Power color: Red and all bold, fiery colors

Must-have home element: Everything in leather, especially if the leather is red, black or white

Stores especially for you: All Modern, Design Within Reach


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Taurus design personality

Bulls love soft, tactile fabrics and textures. Image: Tarimas Deautor

About you: Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty. Comfort, safety and a warm, peaceful environment are important to you. The best food and decor await the doors of a Taurus room.

Design style: Traditional luxury

Design keywords: Luxurious, classic, comfortable

Power color: Green

Must-have home element: The ultimate lounge sofa or lounger, complete with cushions and a soft-throw

Stores especially for you: Restoration Hardware, Williams Sonoma


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gemini-personality at home

A Gemini probably has bookcases that display their book and object collection. Image: Carla Capdevila

About you: You are easily in the air, a great communicator and always looking for new things. You are governed by twins, which means that you have two opposite sides, which makes you look eclectic. You are the only sign that loves traditional and at the same time modern while falling in love in the blink of an eye with the next design trend.

Design style: Modern eclectic

Design keywords: Trendy, mix and match, light and airy

Power color: White

Must-have home element: A modern bookcase (or two) for all your books

Stores especially for you: CB2, Urban Outfitters


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Cancer design style

A space for cancer is always cozy, inviting, friendly and family-friendly. Image: Zero Energy design

About you: Cancers are the ultimate homebody. Your house is very important to you and it is always cozy, comfortable and relaxed. People are attracted to your soothing, nurturing personality.

Design style: farmhouse

Design keywords: Simple, comfortable, nostalgic, family-friendly

Power color: White

Must-have home element: A gallery wall or photo frames to display your favorite family photos & souvenirs

Stores especially for you: Magnolia Home, Pottery Barn


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leo design styles

Leos loves high-end details such as gold accents and graphic patterns. Image: Interior By Malin

About you: You are royal and you know that. You were born to shine and to be the star of the zodiac. In fact, many Leos have wild hair or another attribute that sets them apart from the crowd. Your house is a reflection of you – unique, opulent and eye-catching.

Design style: Maximalist

Design keywords: Regally, more is more, opulent, personalized

Power color: gold

Must-have home element: Everything in monogram

Stores especially for you: One Kings Lane, Neiman Marcus


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virgo design styles

This immaculate room has a warm feeling, thanks to rustic, natural elements such as recycled wood floors. Image: Luigi Rosselli

About you: You have an eye that notices every small detail. You need order, organization and cleanliness, otherwise you will go crazy. Because Virgos belong to the earth element, you prefer natural materials. People appreciate your helpful, practical personality and your need for harmony at home.

Design style: Rustic modern

Design keywords: Zen, organized, of course, organic

Power color: Earth tones such as mocha and beige

Must-have home element: A striking residential wall or many houseplants

Stores especially for you: West Elm, The Container Store


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Libra design style

Scales love to entertain and their homes are a pleasant environment for guests and family. Image: Kixo

About you: You are naturally stylish and can be very artistic. People are attracted to you because of your talent to be diplomatic and honest. Harmonic relationships are very important to you. Your house shows this innate talent for balance and harmony, although sometimes you get overwhelmed by everything and your house becomes a bit messy. But it will always be a nice mess.

Design style: Modern

Design keywords: Proportional, inviting, elegant, trendy

Power color: Light blue and pink

Must-have home element: A beautiful dining room for six or more

Stores especially for you: Crate & Barrel, Nordstrom


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Scorpio design style

Scorpios are best known for their air of mystery and their love for dark, sophisticated and dramatic style. Image: Project Interiors

About you: Your stealth makes you mysterious and enigmatic to others. You are fascinated by everything deep and below the surface, such as how or why things work. You are suspicious of trends and superficial ideas. You prefer your house to be your beautifully decorated cave where you feel safe to be yourself, away from the curious eyes of the world.

Design style: Classical

Design keywords: Mysterious, refined, private, sensual

Power color: Black

Must-have home element: A bedroom with a velvet headboard and layers of richly colored silk sheets with blackout curtains

Stores especially for you: Bo Concept, restoration hardware


About you: We thank you, dear Saggie, that you are. You are funny, easy going and the first to sign up for a road trip or an outdoor adventure such as bungee jumping or a treasure hunt. You can not live without the outdoors or distant cultures, making you the ultimate free spirit.

Design style: Worldwide chic

Design keywords: Global, boho-chic, clear, outside

Power color: Indigo

Must-have home element: A wall with objects from your travels

Stores especially for you: Pier 1, World market


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what is my design style?

Capricorn can be especially practical, but they succeed in creating an elegant, distinctive style. Image: Rachel Madden Interiors

About you: You tend to be traditional. Friends love you because of your reliable character and the sensible advice you offer. The practical side comes for comfort or style. You work hard to earn what you have and value everything you own. There is no room for things that have no use in your space.

Design style: Scandinavian

Design keywords: Practical, antique, durable

Power color: Gray

Must-have home element: A beautiful and well organized closet

Stores especially for you: Room and room, Hay


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what is my design style?

Quirky, artistic and fun objects are often found in the home of an Aquarius. Image: 30s Magazine

About you: You are fascinated by something unusual or different. Charities and the environment are important to you. You are a rebel and have a sense of freedom, so that you can fully express your unique self. You have many friends and admirers who feel that you are unpretentious and get a breath of fresh air.

Design style: Eco-eclectic

Design keywords: Hi-tech, avant-garde, green, cunning

Power color: Aqua blue

Must-have home element: A living room with objects such as a wooden coffee table with wooden pallets

Stores especially for you: Etsy, Viva Terra


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star sign design style

Fishers of Pisces are attracted by everything that has to do with water. You will certainly find lots of glass and blue decorations in their airy houses. Image: Black Band Design

About you: Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac. You are sensitive, have a great imagination and need a refuge where you can rest, relax and recharge your batteries. Fishing is a water element and is attracted by the sea.

Design style: Coast

Design keywords: Beachy, zen, relaxed, subtle, ethereal

Power color: Slate blue

Must-have home element: A fresh white bedroom with a beachy-zen atmosphere and a small fish bowl

Stores especially for you: Anthropologie, Joss & Main

Do you agree with your personality and style of the constellation? Or is there one that you identify more closely?

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