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Most people think about the size of the mattress when it comes to finding a new bed. But bed height and mattress height are often overlooked as factors that affect personal comfort, body health and the overall aesthetics of your sleeping space. A great night's sleep is quickly reversed if you're struggling to get out of bed.

How to determine the best bed height for you

Why do you want to buy a new bed?

Buying a new bed and mattress is no small investment. We spend a third of our lives sleeping (or trying), so finding the right mattress affects our overall well-being. List what you like about your current mattress and what you don't. Is it a challenge to get in or out of bed? Don't you and your partner have enough space to stretch out comfortably? Take the time to build the perfect bed by making an informed decision based on your sleeping position, firmness and your bedroom decor.

What physical factors should be taken into account in bed height?

Consider your height versus total bed height to ensure a seamless sleeping experience. When you are small, you don't need a step to climb into bed. Conversely, if you are tall you don't want to squat awkwardly to get on the mattress. Generally, a bed should touch around the knee or about two feet off the ground.

Age is another crucial factor when choosing the bed height. Older adults may lose their balance or fall from too high a mattress height. A mattress height that is too low can cause painful pressure on the joints. The correct bed height can help prevent injuries and strains.

Which medical factors should be taken into account?

Medical factors such as fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease and muscle pain play an important role in determining the best overall bed height. Think about the ability to get in and out of bed easily and without straining your body. Getting up from a low bed can cause unnecessary pressure and pain. If your feet can't touch the floor while sitting on an 18-inch memory foam mattress on top of a 9-inch box spring, getting up from a higher bed can cause similar problems.

If you have any physical problems or limitations that require a specific bed height, contact your doctor for a recommendation and adjust your mattress and bed frame accordingly.

Which mattress size fits your needs spatially and aesthetically?

While a king-sized mattress offers plenty of sleeping space, will it also fit in your bedroom space? Compare your total room dimensions with the bed dimensions (mattress and frame included). Make sure you can easily move around the bedroom and still have room for your furniture.

Mattress size and bed height can also affect the aesthetics of a room. Traditional bed heights complement larger rooms with vaulted ceilings, while discreet mattresses give the appearance of more space.

Typical height of bed and mattress

When choosing your new mattress, take into account the total bed height including bed foundation or box spring. The Better Sleep Council shares, "While most people focus on the mattress for comfort, your foundation is actually responsible for much of your bed's comfort and support."

Here are some popular bed types and their typical heights:

Futon bed height

The futon of yesteryear has been completely overhauled. Modern futons offer the multifunctional function of a sofa during the day and a sleeping cabin at night. Upholstered with a variety of materials, including leather, faux leather and fabric, futons can be easily integrated into an apartment, guest bedroom or small space. The & # 39; mattress & # 39; portion of the futon is approximately 5 inches high with a total futon height of 15 inches from the floor, creating an unobtrusive, contemporary look. Selecting a futon doesn't mean you skimp on comfort. Serta's 15-inch Rane Futon includes high-density foam cushions and pocket coils.

Adjustable bed height

Smartphone apps and wireless remotes often control these technology-powered adjustable feet. With features such as USB ports, under-bed lighting and adjustable legs, these bases provide ultimate control over bed height and sleeping position. From watching TV, reading a book or fighting a night snore, the power base can be increased or decreased. The adjustable legs are available in three 3-inch pieces, so the height of the bed can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. Combine a 12-inch Tempur-Pro Adapt memory foam mattress with their 9-inch adjustable power base for a high-tech and ergonomic slumber. When choosing an adjustable bottom, always consider the range of motion next to the bed height.

Platform bed height

Platform beds offer a lower bed height because they form a flat base without the extra height of a traditional box spring. The platform beds consist of a sturdy, flat material, a group of slats or a grid-like grid and offer a stable surface on which your mattress can rest immediately. Platform bed heights range from 2-inch ultra-low profile to the standard 5-inch height. Platform beds go hand in hand with memory foam. For example, Leesa states that their memory foam mattresses are designed to rest on a flat, firm and sturdy surface. For a compact bed height, combine the Leesa 10-inch memory foam mattress with their 7.5-inch foundation.

Traditional bed height

Traditional bed foundations are most commonly known as box springs. The standard box spring height is 9 inches, with the option of a low-profile box spring from 5 to 5.5 inches high. Keep in mind that a standard box spring will add a significant overall bed height as opposed to platform beds. Always read the warranty before purchasing your new mattress and foundation. For example, if you use a box spring with a purple mattress, the warranty becomes void, because a box spring does not properly support Purple's foam and hybrid mattresses.

Trundle bed height

Trundle beds provide extra sleeping space cleverly nestled under a larger bed. Typically on rollers, trundle beds can be easily moved when needed and hidden from view when not in use. Due to their compact size (usually a twin-size mattress) and the absence of a box spring, trundle beds are lower in height. A good option is the compact and comfortable Essentia Wholebody Beauty with 8-inch memory foam mattress. Note, however, that sleepers who are tall, old, or have back or joint pain should choose a different location to rest their head due to the low bed height and size of the trundle.

Height bed with pillow top

Foundations are not the only variable in bed height. Pillowcase mattresses add extra height to your bed due to the extra cushioning layer. The height of the pillow top bed can range from 13 inches for the Avocado Green mattress with a pinned top to a substantial 18 inches for the Beautyrest Black K-Class pillowcase. The extra filling in the pillowcase can consist of different materials. Memory foam, cotton, latex, regular or polyurethane foam are popular pillowcase fillers. Consider the extra bed height when choosing your sheet set, as pillow-top mattresses require deep pockets.

Do I have to choose a new bed based on height?

Basing a bed selection on height is more important than you might think, especially if you have health problems. You have a wide choice of mattresses and beds based on length, mattress type, sleeping position, firmness level and physical needs to guarantee a good night's sleep and a good investment. One way to test a potential bed height is to try sitting and standing up from different chair heights. Once you have found the height that feels best, you can find a bed frame, box spring and mattress that together determine the height