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When spring is coming and the birds start to chirp out in the gardens, we Swedes get a real desire to go out and spring clean in the gardens. And the fact is that leaves and buds can knock out the hux flux if it is lukewarm and sunny outside. Soon the hedges will be in full bloom and it will not be long before they start to get a little wild and obscure the view. Then it’s good to have a hedge trimmer, indeed.

Really big hedges probably have to be tanned with a more powerful trimmer, especially if you want to shape them, but for the final work and fine-touch, a good hedge trimmer is required. Tended to your garden is probably one of the most labor-intensive moments. The back and neck are badly affected and there will be both a lot of bend-and-stretch exercises that will allow you to feel really bruised afterwards. You can never make such a good hedge trimmer that you completely avoid the pains that this can mean, but you can at least buy a good scissors that makes the job as good as possible.

Since you move pretty much all the time, it is necessary to choose a good quality hedge trimmer and preferably not have any wires that snare around the legs or ladder you are standing on. This can also have devastating consequences if you fall.

The article eventually follows a best in test on hedge trimmers.

From ancient scissors to humming instruments

When you think of hedge trimmers, you might see a common larger scissor-like tool in front of you, and so it used to be. But today there are smart and ingenious scissors that also serve as electric-powered tools to fine-shape your hedges. Another type is the secateur, which has a single blade with an edge in arc format. It’s for cutting down smaller branches.

Hedge trimmers thus come in a plethora of variants and models with different functions. We have the traditional scissors that really look like scissors. And we have an electric or battery-powered variant that can cut larger hedges faster. Hedge trimmers are also available as petrol-powered tools and then of course it is about heavier products. Between these models there are hedge trimmers that hone and fix to sprawling branches. So you have to choose from, always.

The advantage of the different types of hedge trimmers

Hedge trimmers are thus available as electric, battery-powered or petrol-powered, with the latter as a rarer variant for private individuals compared to the others. If you choose a battery-powered model, you avoid the problems with cords that snot around your legs and you have the advantage of working wherever you want. In addition, the battery can usually be used for other garden tools.

However, you have to make sure that you constantly charge the battery, otherwise you stand there happy in the rake. The inferior battery-powered scissors can be discharged in just 20 minutes and this can be really annoying if you are in the middle of work. In addition, the charging time of some batteries can vary enormously. Some take about half an hour to upload and others several hours.

The advantage of an electric hedge trimmer is that you usually avoid the crux of discharged batteries when you are working. Most often, a trimmer or a manual hedge trimmer is used in combination with an electric powered one. The trimmer then does the job that involves the fine grinder.

Although petrol-powered hedge trimmers are less environmentally friendly, they can usually handle larger hedges in faster time. These models are commonly used for parks, landscapes and larger public gardens, as they often have innovative features and can create fun and unique shapes on the hedgerows. These hedge trimmers also usually cost more than the smaller electrically powered and lighter tools that we have listed in our best in test.

How do you cut your ass?

It’s not just to start the machine and start treading. First of all, you should have got hold of a good hedge trimmer, otherwise it can both damage oneself and the hedge itself. The branches should be cut or cut straight off and this should be done at least once a year to keep the hedge in shape.

If the cut surface of the branches is sprawling or breaks when cutting, then the risk of infestation of pests is much easier. Also, be sure to cut an A-shaped hedge. Then the sun reaches down to all the leaves and the hedge gets the nutrients it needs all the way down.

When it comes to one’s own posture when cutting a hedge, the balance is in focus. The fact that the machines have too much weight either forward or backward, makes you wrong and thus cuts wrong. A hedge trimmer should therefore be well balanced. If you can handle a heavy machine, it’s all right, but the important thing is how you lean, then of course it’s an advantage if the machine is quiet and doesn’t vibrate too much.

This can also affect how you cut. Last but not least; Do not forget protective equipment: goggles, body armor and gloves. This can be easy to forget but is a rescuer in need if the accident occurs. Also let those who are nearby wear some kind of equipment, as the branches can easily fly away.

After cutting the hedge, the branches and waste should be directly placed in a garbage bag to be taken to the waste station, or go right down into a compost mill that grinds down the branches into wood chips. Otherwise, you run the risk of the branches flying around and causing damage.

In addition, it is really not neat to have a plot of land with lots of cut-down branches lying in piles. The branches should preferably be laid down in the compost kvarnen as soon as possible when they are fresh. Then the chip will be finer. You can use it as a grounding or pour into the compost, whichever you want. but jut grounding is both ecological and neat to cover their paths and paths on the plot with.

Choosing hedge trimmers

Since there is such a large variety of hedge trimmers, it can be difficult to know which one is the best. Maybe you’ve read your way through a lot of customer reviews or best in tests without yet knowing which one you should buy. The questions you should ask yourself before you read through this hedge trimmer best in the test that follows and before you start looking at a particular brand or model, is how often you intend to cut your ass and what your ass looks like.

Does it have thick branches, is it high, what do you want to do with it as well as what strength do you have to do the work? If you do not have a thick or rough hedge, you can choose a slightly simpler model and if it is thick branches to be tanned and trimmed, you should go on a more powerful variant.

An electrical mesh-driven hedge trimmer is best suited for smaller hedges as the cord can always get in the way. If you are a pro, you should go for a petrol-powered pair of scissors but if you have a regular villa and want to trim your relatively high ass, there are a range of functional battery-powered hedge trimmers that do the job magnificently. Just make sure to select one where the battery does not take hours to charge or where it stops working after half an hour.

This is one reason why some people choose petrol-powered ones instead, but if you want to protect the environment, you might want to avoid them.

If you’re not used to cutting hedges or having trouble understanding how these gadgets are found, you shouldn’t take the most powerful engine that can scare the life out of you at first glance. take rather a small smaller and lighter variant that does not wear you out right away. This is true even if you are a man and strive for a really grabbig hedge trimmer. Choose a model that you have mastered and thus basta.

What to consider when buying hedge trimmers

These are several elements that a hedge trimmer should be able to handle.

  • A hedge trimmer performance is number one. How thick branches can it really cut off? How much of a hedge can it tallow in a single sweep, and if it is battery-powered, how long before the battery needs to be recharged?
  • Ease of use and ergonomics. How does the hedge trimmer feel in your hand? How heavy is it? Are there any objects that you can get hurt about? Does it vibrate or does it sound terrible? Are there swivel handles? Is it easy to understand? Are buttons and controls easy to access?
  • The construction of the hedge trimmer. In what material does it come in? How far is the sword/swords themselves? where are the buttons? Is there a immobilizer?

In addition to these questions, you want your hedge trimmer to do the job right away without having to go over with a secateur or take another round with the scissors. Some hedge trimmers do not cut straight off, leaving behind sprawling lots or purse branches and this is preferably avoided when buying it.

Something you should look out for when buying a hedge trimmer, is the dead man button or the immobilizer. Scissors can be differentequipped and these are two functions. Let’s start with the dead man button. It may sound a little spooky, but it’s indispensable to your safety.

Some may find it a bit annoying as soon as you drop the machine or stop cutting, but in the long run it’s a smart feature. Rather choose security over the uncertain. For those of you who don’t really know what a dead man button does, let’s explain this before you read this best in tests.

A dead man button is a button that is close at hand at or on the handle and that you must constantly hold down for machines to run. You cannot turn it on like a normal start button and turn off the scissors when you feel like it.

When you let it go, the scissors also stop cutting. If this is a good or annoying property of a pair of scissors, only you can decide on. Some people think it is very important while others just find it disturbing and cause the finger to hurt that has to constantly hold down the button in question. On some machines, it is divided into several steps so that the scissors are still running but slower, and on other scissors it is a single button that either turns the machine on or off.

Otherwise, the hedge trimmer may instead be equipped with a immobilizer as mentioned above. A immobilizer works a bit the same as the dead man button, but you don’t have to push it all the time. A immobiliser shall be easily accessible and easy to activate.

It is the case that you have to reach it every time you let go of the hedge trimmer’s other buttons. So if the latch is farther away, you must first turn and turn or look to make sure you press the right button and this becomes a bit frustrating during the clipping.

Top 3 best hedge trimmers 2020

Below you can read about three selected hedge trimmer models that we have become a little extra interested in and listed in a compiled best in test. Of course, we have taken into account the characteristics listed above and how different needs can look like respectively the hedges.

The models in the test come from the brands Stiga, AL-KO and Alpina. However, a best in test only gives a suggestion as to which product you can buy. At the same time, it gives an indication of how well it is doing the job. But how it feels to you personally is entirely up to you.

1. AL-KO Rod crochet cutter HTA 36 LI

As the most affordable variant here in our best in test, we have appointed AL-KO Rod crochet cutter as the budget variant. This model is quite flexible, which is one of its positive properties.

On the one hand, it is lightweight and handy with adjustable diamond-cut sword and, on the other hand, there is a shoulder extender and accompanying baby carrier that provides an opportunity to cut hedges up to 3.5 meters. The sword can be regulated in 7 different positions and the light weight of about 3.5 kg makes it handy for most people.

The engine is 1300 rpm and the bar can cut up to 20 mm thick branches. The handle is ergonomically designed with rubber handles to avoid sliding. An extra plus for the case that can also be used as a wall holder. And the relatively low price makes it an even more interesting product.

This model is ideal for homeowners who want to trim both lower and higher hedges. It has a cutting length of 45 cm, which allows you to access higher levels. One advantage is that it is power grid-powered. It is cordless because it is part of the AL-KOs Energy Flex system with a long-lived battery that can also be used for other garden tools such as leaf blowers and lawn mowers.

But the thing is that you have to buy the lawn mower that the battery and charger comes with. It also does not have a swivel handle, but as I said, the sword can be extended in many different steps.

The product is able to cut branches in a relatively fast and good way but sometimes you may need to redo the work over certain branch sections. We think that some branches get a bit sprawling and this means that you have to go over them again or use a secateur.

See the price here!

2. Rise Hedge trims SHT 48 AE

As our second product in this best in test, we have chosen a variant from Stiga. This is a battery-powered model with the newer lithium ion technology that reaches a battery power of 48 V.

This means you can work for about 25 minutes before it’s time to recharge. The disadvantage is that this battery with charger does not come with the purchase, but must be purchased afterwards.

The sword is, as usual, toothed with a distance of 27 mm, which should help to cut really thick branches. The laser cut sword gives you a cutting length of about 56 cm but unfortunately you can not extend the sword.

However, there will be a very ergonomic handle with easily accessible buttons and immobilizer. The handle is swivelling in 3 positions up to 180°. It has a soft grip, in rubber, which means you do not slip when holding the scissors.

The low weight of just over 2 kg and the quiet engine make it agreaable to work with it. You don’t get the back or front weight and can easily bend down or stretch your back to access the upper areas.
In a price range of a little over a thousand kronor, it makes it a relatively affordable model. But we all think that the working time because of the battery, is a little low. The scissors cut in a single sweep and it does it well.

See the price here!

3. Alpina Multitool MT 2148 Li

Here, too, you have to buy the battery and charger, which goes on about 1500 SEK further. The name Li in the hedge trimmer title means that the battery is of the modern and environmentally friendly lithium ion technology for a longer working time.

The model that we listed in this hedge trimmer best in test from Alpina, is a multi tool and therefore of the slightly more expensive variant.

Here you get two gardentools in one; one used as hedge trimmer and another used to prune shrubs and trees. Both tools can be used with the same battery that you buy for.

It is equipped with a double 51 cm lightsaber and a 20 cm saw for bush and tree pruning. The laser sword can be adjusted throughout 8 positions and you can easily rotate the handle to 105°, giving you a more comfortable working position. The buttons are highly visible and easily accessible with a immobilizer that protects safety. And you don’t have to crux with cables around your legs, as the model comes without a cord.

Alpina’s hedge trimmer is suitable for those who also have trees on the plot. Good to have on hand when the apple trees are getting too sprawling or when the pear tree needs trimming. And the tall hedges are easily trimmed with the flexible sword. It is a bit of a shame that the batteries do not come, and therefore you have to expect a much larger amount than you had originally thought. Besides, it is a hedge trimmer that cuts well without having to call the crochet at the seams then.

See the price here!


After trying to tan hedges with these three models, we have seen the pros and cons of all models in this best in test. The disadvantage for all three is that the battery and charger must be purchased separately, with the exception of al-ko which is part of an entire group and where you get the battery in the bargain when you buy the lawn mower.

So if you know with you that you need the whole package for your garden, it might be an idea to go for that model. But otherwise this is a bit of a shame, because you feel compelled to get everything. And maybe you already have the rest of the stuff at home and want to buy only the scissors.

Otherwise, we probably thought That Stiga did the best job. It cuts a lot in one fell swoop and has a good ease of use with easy-to-access buttons and a dead man button that blocks the machine as soon as you let go. You don’t get as tired of cutting your ass with this product and the handle is easy to turn around for a good grip and a smooth position overall.

Stiga’s model is very good for accessing higher branches and the tooth spacing of the sword makes it cut really thick branches. In addition, you don’t have to worry about getting a sprawling garden hedge afterwards.

However, if you want a tool that also prune trees, you are right to choose Alpina’s slightly more expensive model, which is a two-in-one tool. In addition, it is also very ergonomically designed with extra long handle so you do not get too shamed. But if it’s just simple branches and hedges you have to tend on the plot, this product is perhaps a little unnecessary. It all depends, of course, on your needs and what your garden looks like.

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