Greenhouse best in test 2020 – find the best greenhouse!

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Buying greenhouses is a smart investment and a nice feature of your garden. For many gardeners to be able to grow the most sensitive plants and trees without having to pay too much attention to the weather outside is a pure dream. However, there are a lot of different things you should keep in mind when choosing greenhouses, depending on what you intend to use it for. Which greenhouses are right for your needs, and what extra features should you look for when making your choice?

We have found three greenhouses that fulfill the criteria for the best greenhouse 2020, which are not only stylish and durable, they also offer great choices for your cultivation!

Who needs a greenhouse?

A greenhouse is a wise investment for anyone who has a garden and wants to use their space on the site for, among other things, cultivation. You can also buy a greenhouse if you also want to create a small oasis in your garden with garden furniture in. It is therefore important that you first think about what you want to use your greenhouse for before you go out to buy one. Different materials and sizes are best suited for different purposes.

The advantage of a greenhouse is that it lengthens the season and allows you to grow plants that our climate does not allow in a normal and simple way. A greenhouse should let in a lot of light and keep moisture away from your cultivation. Depending on what you plan to grow in your greenhouse, different greenhouses are also better suited than others. For trees and other tall plants, for example, you need a greenhouse that is higher in ceilings so they can fit properly.

Qualitative greenhouses are available in several different materials. In addition to the windows' design and materials, the material for the house's foundation also plays a role. Greenhouses in wood fit most gardens and give a classic impression. However, make sure you oil the wood at regular intervals, depending on the type of wood. Greenhouses in aluminum give a more stylish and modern impression and are often also a cheaper alternative that requires less residence.

Top 3 best greenhouses in 2020

Greenhouse best in test - Vitavia Sirius 130001. Our winner! Vitavia Sirius 13000 Greenhouse

· Material for frame: Aluminum

· Material: Glass

· Color: Green, aluminum

· Ventilation window: Yes

Greenhouse Vitavia Sirius 13000 is our big winner of greenhouses! Vitavia Sirius is made with strong aluminum profiles and has transparent glass windows that make the design both classic and stylish. The greenhouse has an area of ​​13.1 square meters, equivalent to a medium sized kitchen, where you can fit everything from trees, vegetables and fruits. It is also large enough for garden furniture on an accessible seating area.

The greenhouse has a ceiling height of 2.52 meters, which is a big advantage when you do not have to bend down into the greenhouse or adjust your plants to exactly the ceiling height. The greenhouse is also equipped with a sliding double door with sliding stop. You can therefore easily get in and out with the wheelbarrow as you grow and plant in your greenhouse.

Vitavia Sirius 13000 has very good ventilation possibilities as it has four skylights with manual opening which regulate the temperature and ensure that the plants are comfortable in their environment. You can also add a special base for this greenhouse that provides a stable base for the greenhouse.

We recommend Vitavia Sirius 13000 for the gardener who has plenty of space on his plot for cultivation and wants to buy a sustainable greenhouse with good ventilation and sunlight for the best possible planting and cultivation!

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Greenhouse second best in test - Halls Växthus Magnum 8.3 sqm2. Magnum Greenhouse – With double sliding doors for large door opening!

· Material for frame: Silver aluminum

· Material: Glass

· Color: Green, silver

· Ventilation window: Yes

Magnum greenhouses are the perfect alternative for the gardener who needs a spacious house for serious plant cultivation. The glass house has an area of ​​8.3 square meters where your imagined plants can fit without any problems. The greenhouse is made of glass and you can choose between a green frame or a silver aluminum frame, depending on taste and taste.

Something that we like a little extra with Magnum is that it has a double sliding door which gives you open and unobstructed access with either wheelbarrow or wheelchair. The door width is 1.16 meters and this makes the work in the greenhouse very efficient and easy. Sure, you can fit garden furniture in the greenhouse, but we would recommend this option for anyone who wants to use the whole house for cultivation.

Magnum greenhouses have very good ventilation possibilities, as it has four windows – two on each side of the roof, which regulates the temperature for the best possible climate. You can also buy and install an automatic window opener to make ventilation extra easy and smooth.

We have given this greenhouse an obvious second place on our list, as it has very useful extra features that both ensure that the climate is balanced and that it is easy to work in the house.

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Greenhouse third best in test - Halls Garden Room3. Halls Garden Room Greenhouse – The modern alternative!

· Material for frame: Aluminum

· Material: Glass

· Color: Green

· Ventilation window: Yes

Hall's green greenhouse Garden Room is the modern alternative for the landowner who wants a greenhouse that not only is excellent to grow in, but which also looks exclusive. As the name suggests, the greenhouse is designed as a room, with two different sitting areas where you can choose to grow only in one part or both.

This greenhouse has an area of ​​12.9 square meters where you can easily grow everything from strawberries to tall fruit trees because the house is also high in ceilings. A greenhouse with an extra large surface is advantageous for your plants and trees to grow efficiently and in the right climate.

The garden room is fully glazed, with aluminum frame which makes it very easy to clean the greenhouse. The greenhouse also works very well to furnish with garden furniture for a gathering place on the site. The house is also equipped with a ventilation window in the ceiling. This means that the air is purified and it does not get too hot in the greenhouse.

We recommend the Garden room for the landowner who is looking for a quality greenhouse that is also neat and big enough for the whole family to gather at!

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3 common greenhouse questions:

✅ What is the most common material for greenhouses?

The most common material for greenhouses, which is often also the cheapest alternative is glass. This is a good material for the plants as it lets in the most light and is also easy to keep clean. The glass material also keeps a lot of moisture away from your plants.

However, one disadvantage of greenhouses in glass is that it is a delicate material, where there is a risk that a glass pane can easily be broken. There is also a small risk that the glass panes may crack during the winter season.

✅ Is the location of your greenhouse important?

Yes it has. The location of your greenhouse is important for several reasons. You should set up a greenhouse where it is sunlit throughout, or a large part of the day. It should not be placed too close to trees or bushes. It should also stand where it does not blow too much or collect cold air. This can cause the greenhouse to cool down. If you have access to a water tap or barrel nearby, it's a good idea to place your greenhouse next to it.

✅ Does size matter?

The size of a greenhouse is more important than you might think. Certainly, size matters for the plants you plan to grow, as trees need more space than, for example, vegetables. The most important thing you need to keep in mind when buying greenhouses is that it must not exceed 15 square meters in size before building permits are required.

How to choose greenhouses according to purpose!

Before you make your purchase of greenhouses, it is most important that you think about what you want to grow and use it for. When you can confidently answer this, you can start researching and comparing different models and brands to each other.

If you are the landowner who places the greatest emphasis on the results of your cultivation, there are a lot of different things to keep in mind. In order to have a good environment and climate for your cultivation, you should not choose one too small greenhouse. 10 square meters or larger is therefore preferred. If you are also going to grow fruit trees, you need a greenhouse where all your imagined trees can also fit without problems.

Before you make your purchase, you should also look at what ventilation opportunities the greenhouse has. Since many greenhouses do not have enough windows that can be opened, it is important that it does not get too hot in the greenhouse. Even if the temperature outside is not too hot it can still be too hot. It is therefore recommended that the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees in the house.

The doorway to the house is also an important part to keep in mind before buying. If you intend to come in with a wheelbarrow, you need a wider doorway to make your work in the greenhouse as simple as possible. Also, make sure the doors are tight so that it does not pull.

How have we reached our leaderboard?

We have chosen to compare different greenhouses against each other in different materials and sizes depending on what you intend to use your greenhouse for. We have therefore taken into account both those who only want to use their greenhouse for cultivation and those who want to have space with both outdoor furniture and plants.

When choosing our top choices for this guide, we have put the most emphasis on materials, size, design and durability to be able to select our favorites. We have come to these results by looking at previously made tests and what customers think is especially important to think about regarding the various greenhouses and their functions.

Our survey shows that the most popular greenhouses are made of glass. They let in the most light, but are unfortunately more delicate than, for example, greenhouses in plastic. The material together with various sizes available on the market is often what ultimately determines which greenhouse is right for you. The look, of course, also plays a role in buying greenhouses for your garden.

Once you have figured out what kind of greenhouse will suit you and your garden, you can advantageously compare different greenhouses and models to each other before making your purchase. However, we recommend that you do not have the appearance of the greenhouse as the main criterion. By putting the greatest emphasis on the design of the greenhouse, you can miss a lot of important features and the lack of important parts that can impair your cultivation in the long run.

For the gardener who only intends to grow plants in his greenhouse, it may suffice with a slightly smaller greenhouse of about 10 square meters, where you can instead look more at materials and durability when making your choice. For the landowner who wants to combine both cultivation and wants to use the greenhouse as a gathering place for family and friends, a larger greenhouse in a nicer design may be a more important part.

Which greenhouse will best suit you and your garden therefore depends entirely on your own criteria. However, we hope that we have been able to help in the choice of how you should approach different greenhouses before you buy your own to the site!