Grand Designs Live launch initiative to reduce single use plastic at NEC

Grand Designs Live launch initiative to reduce single use plastic at NEC

Helping to tackle the ecological plastic crisis, Grand Designs Live, proudly sponsored by Anglian Home Improvements, continues with its initiative launched in May at the London ExCeL show, by reducing the use of plastic for single use during the show in Birmingham, which takes place from 10 – 14 October at the NEC.

Kevin McCloud commented; & # 39; Our planet is clearly in crisis and we need to figure out how to undo the damage we cause. Apart from the problems of carbon emissions and climate change, two of the biggest challenges are the protection of the biosphere and its species and how we manage all the resources of the world in a sustainable way – including the plastics we produce. With a good wind we still have a chance to put things right, by changing the way we produce, use, reuse and recycle what we need. These are objectives that form the core of One Planet Living and that Grand Designs Live takes seriously. Grand Designs Live is launching an initiative this year to reduce the use of plastic for single use by reducing the sales of plastic bottles from all on-show floor catering items – along with the distribution of plastic straws and cutlery. We also work together with the Amsterdam foundation Join the Pipe to provide a water refill station in the Central Bar for visitors. On 10 October, I will also organize a panel of eco-experts in the Plastic surgery & # 39; from the Grand Theater, in which the challenges of green life are discussed; and of course I will have my new selection & # 39; Green Heroes & # 39; present.

Grand Designs Live is working with their official charity partner, Friends of The Earth, who will provide refillable bottles that visitors can use during the show and that can contribute to the content of The Grand Theater. Craig Bennett, CEO of Friends of the Earth, said: “Innovative design will have a large share in creating plastic pollution solutions that will stifle our oceans and harm our wildlife, so we’re excited to partner with Grand Designs Live The disposal of unnecessary discarded plastic items such as plastic bottles, cutlery and coffee cups for single use is an important first step in tackling the pollution crisis we all face. ”

In addition, Grand Designs Live also works with the Amsterdam based foundation Join the Pipe to make a water refill station in the Central Bar available to visitors. Committed to reducing the amount of plastic waste and promoting drinking of tap water, Join the Pipe supply water stations for public places and sell reusable bottles to both individuals and businesses. By selling the Refill Stations and water bottles, Join the Pipe finances Clean Water Projects and City Clean-Ups in developing countries, minimizes plastic pollution at source and gives communities access to clean drinking water and sanitation.

Andrew Eversden, Managing Director of Join the Pipe International comments; “Many people want the possibility to fill their water bottles and it is a cheap, healthy and environmentally friendly option to make tap water accessible.” Our goal is to make clean drinking water accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world, while using tap water. promoted and the use of polluting plastic bottles for single use is discouraged. ”

In the popular Grand Theater, sponsored by Airflow, visitors will have the opportunity to listen to informative seminars on this topic from a large number of experts from the industry. On Wednesday 10 October, Kevin McCloud will present a panel of eco-experts, including Charity Partners; Friends of the Earth, environmental firm Join the pipe and designer Stella Conran, see how we can reverse the vicious circle of use and pollution by designing our homes without damaging our planet and discovering some design pioneers who share their passion for innovation and inspiring combine design with care for our planet.

Other Grand Theater talks focusing on eco-life are about sustainability and recycling, Upcycled Hour, presented by Chris Billingham, looks at the stylish but sustainable side of upcycling and gives visitors insight into the highest quality achieved through professional creative Reuse artists. While engineer Dick Strawbridge and interior designer Angel Adoree upcycling an unused household item into a stylish and unique piece of furniture.

Stella Corrall, specialized in bespoke artworks for public environments, Creative Artist, has produced a unique art installation for the central bar of the show, made from recycled bottle caps and straws. She used recycled waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Stella explains; & # 39; At Lucentia we have a passion for transforming precious waste plastic into beautiful new sheet materials for innovative artworks and high-quality products. Our central bar installation draws inspiration from the ocean waves. With every drop made of 100% recycled bottle caps, the intention is to emphasize the volume of plastic waste that ends up in the ocean. We hope WAVE helps to turn the tide in the field of plastic, to be socially responsible and to appreciate its value. & # 39;

These are not the only eco-conscious steps that Grand Design Live will make in October. Kevin McCloud’s Green Heroes will make a welcome return with four brands and three products giving live demonstrations so that visitors can see the best eco-innovations in real life.

This edition of Grand Designs Live in October, proudly sponsored by Anglian Home Improvements, is one of the most exciting, informative and exciting to date with great advice on environmentally friendly living and environment. For more information, go to

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