Front Porch Decor – The Honeycomb Home

The plants around my little porch are really starting to fill now. Although small, I like my shady little retreat. While enjoying a quiet morning recently, I thought I'd take a few photos of my porch decor to share here.

It's nothing special, most of the things here are from flea markets. But those flea market finds are usually my favorite things.

Years ago we added a trellis on the side of the porch for extra privacy. I planted a climbing hydrangea that really starts to fill nicely. Those are slow growers but definitely worth the wait.

I put this big pot with colorful, beautiful flowers in a small nursery that I drive by all the time. I'm usually averse to bright colors, but I fell in love with this combo. And it fit perfectly in my basket.

Unfortunately, after only a few days, I managed to kill it. But she was beautiful while she persisted. I added the vintage mirror to the trellis last summer. Using a mirror outside is an unexpected accent.

veranda decor and garden containers

I took most of these with my cell phone and frankly I haven't cleaned up or prepared this area for photos so it's not perfect for the photo.

A few days after the brightly colored flowers died, I replaced it with a more shade-friendly mix.

The rustic green bucket is one of my favorite flea market finds (see similar here). I like to change that with the seasons. At Christmas, I used it to display a white fir tree for my porch display. You can see the Christmas porch and the fall porch decor here.

vintage style small porch decorating ideas

At the front door I have a few more rustic pieces. The terracotta bowl-shaped pot is the only one on the porch that has been store-bought apart from the furniture. Last year I painted the cement porch floor to look like wood planks and it held up astonishing good!

rustic porch decor

I added creeping Jenny to a vintage planter (similar here) and added an illuminated bulb for topiary.

porch topiary ideas

Delicate flowers in rustic containers are my favorite combination. It provides such a nice contrast.

small veranda decor

I try to make the most of what I got here without going overboard. I hope you enjoyed touring my porch!

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