Facade renovation: all types under scrutiny

Give your decrepit façade a second life or are you tired of the view of your home? Nowadays you can decorate your facade in a lot of budget-friendly ways without the existing foundation having to groan under the weight. Put the traditional red bricks out of your head and see which of the solutions below are tailored to your budget, taste and environment.

Fiber cement strips
A combination of sand and cement that you can pour into any desired shape.

  • Benefits: Low maintenance and easy to install
  • Disadvantage: It may be easy to place, though you do need the right tools
  • Price: € 40 per m2

Plastic (PVC)
A hard foam based on petroleum and salt

  • Benefits: Recyclable, easy to install, low maintenance and spacious finishing options
  • Disadvantage: Little scratch resistant
  • Price: € 28 per m2

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