Create a Home Where You’ll Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Last year, Stastisa unveiled the most common New Year resolutions – and they will probably not surprise you. The top five were: eating healthier, exercising more, saving money, paying attention to self-care and more reading. If you draw up your own resolutions for 2019, some of them may resonate with you. But this list can also be daunting. If we all try to eat healthier year after year, why have not we done it yet?

Now we are not going to try to solve the problem of the new year in one go. Your local gyms are probably still packed in early January, but a ghost town in early March. However, we can make some recommendations to help you stick to your intentions next year. By making some small changes to your home, 2019 can be the year in which you proudly reflect on your resolutions in December. Here are a few things you can do to create a home that prepares you for success.

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An organized store cupboard with healthy, easy to grab food makes healthy eating easier. Image: Nashville inspired closets

Resolution # 1: Eat healthier

Are you trying to get on board the health car wagon? We also. This is a difficult situation when you have colleagues who bring cookies or friends who like to eat out. But at home you can at least make your life easier. First things first, clean up that pantry. Give yourself the challenge to stop buying groceries, except for fresh produce until you’ve eaten all your pantry staples (and, yes, those extra bags of chips while you’re busy). Now that you have cleaned up all those refined grains and trans fats, you are feeding yourself with healthy, whole foods. As a rule, the less processed food is, the better it is probably for you. Check the ingredient list. Fewer ingredients, and especially fewer items that you can not pronounce, usually means a healthier selection.

Keep your pantry organized and filled with healthy options. It’s a lot easier to eat if you have a bag of almonds or a banana waiting for you when hunger strikes. Also make a point of keeping healthy options within reach and at eye level, where you will grab them sooner. Even if other family members are not with you, you can protect yourself by sliding those Oreo’s to the back of the pantry and putting a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter.

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the good intentions of the new year - gym

Put your gym in your house, so you have less excuses to train. Image: GM Construction

Resolution # 2: get more physical exercise

Which of us could not use the physical and mental health benefits of frequent exercise? But with the hustle and bustle of life, it can be really difficult to really go to the gym. Why not create a training room in your home instead?

If you have the space, setting up a complete home gym is motivating. Every time you walk past it, you get a little push to get your sweat on. If you work with a more compact footprint, a yoga area does not have to take up a lot of space. Follow a YouTube video to guide you and you’re ready to go! Or, if you try the cardio route, make an area close to your front door, where you can put on your sneakers, headphones and all the other equipment you want. This visual reminder to get moving can help you to keep your intentions for the new year in 2019.

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New Year's resolution - led

LED lighting does not just look cool. It is also more energy-efficient. Image: Roundhouse Design

Resolution # 3: saving money

This is one of those resolutions that almost everyone agrees that it would be great to start with. If you want to close 2019 with a little more padding in your wallet, your house can certainly help. Make some high-efficiency changes to cut down on your utility expenses. We have five easy ways to start. Thanks to swaps that last only a few minutes, such as replacing a light bulb or lowering your water heater, you can save throughout the year.

Another great way to save money is to encourage time at home. It is a lot cheaper to have a friend for a drink or a movie than to perform the same activity. Set up your space for entertainment and see some serious savings next year.

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the good intentions of the new year - meditation

Imagine how relaxed you could be in 2019 if you added a meditation room like this. Statue: Veneshe Master Venetian Plastering

Resolution # 4: focus on self-care

This resolution captures a wide range of sentiments, from people who simply try to get more sleep for those who feel seriously burned out and who have to scale back their obligations in an important way. However you want to practice self-care in 2019, a comfortable, cozy bed is the key. Upgrade your bedding to encourage yourself to get the rest your body needs.

If simply catching more zzz’s is not your goal for next year, create a physical place in your home where you can take care of your body and mind. If you would like to chill in the bath because of the calming effects, you create a spa-like feel in your bathroom to enhance the benefits. Or if you want to explore meditation, create a meditation room so that you can minimize your distraction. Consider what you want to do for yourself to feel more relaxed and balanced next year. Then create an area in your house where you can regularly visit that practice, keep your good intentions and keep yourself healthy.

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the good intentions of the new year book

A cozy reading corner can be exactly what you need to keep your good intentions. Image: Hudson Home

Resolution # 5: Read more

If the digital revolution of the past decades has shown us something, finding time to decouple is essential to maintain our common sense. Diving in a good book is a perfect way to both relax and stimulate the brain. It is therefore no surprise that when making up the good intentions of this year, so many people decide to read more. A change in our homes can certainly help us to maintain that resolution.

If you have the space, why not add a home library? That uncomfortable area under the stairs or unused corner can transform into a place that inspires you to break open a book. Or, if you do not want to add a stack of bookshelves, make at least a reading room. Place a comfortable chair in a location with a nice view. Add a soft throw and a table where you can put a mug of tea or a cool drink and you are ready to read!

What are your good intentions for the new year? Do you make changes to your home or apartment to keep them in 2019? Let us know in the comments!

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