Building your own house -Which is Right for You?

Making the decision to build your own house means that you spend at least a few months on the process. Some builds seem to work perfectly, while others have a few bumps along the way. The type of builder you choose can make the difference. You must choose a builder depending on your timeline, budget and level of adjustment. Custom builders and production builders may look alike, but they offer different advantages and disadvantages. Consider each and compare them with your wish list before making a final decision. Here are some of the factors to think about.

Production builders

Production builders have semi-custom construction into an art; they can build hundreds of houses per year. They know how much everything costs and structure the construction for budget and efficiency. They will be able to offer you your dream home – naturally within reason. Consider these factors to decide whether a production builder will find something useful for you.

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A production builder uses a fixed catalog with plans. Image: BCD Homes


  • They offer fixed prices. Because production builders constantly build the same houses, they have a better idea of ​​the prices. A production builder can give you almost exact costs, which means that you can choose a house and plan more effectively.
  • They negotiate the best deal with contractors. Production builders tend to use the same contractors for their homes. This allows them to negotiate stellar bulk deals on deliveries and services, with the savings being passed on to you.
  • They are faster. Managing tight schedules & # 39; s and multiple contractors is a science for production builders. Barring any major snafus, production builders are faster and work on tighter timelines than custom builders.
  • They offer development facilities. Production builders usually create complete developments at once. They typically develop facilities such as parks, hiking trails and even sports fields as a draw for potential homeowners. That means that you will gain great benefits by choosing the development of a builder instead of buying your own lot.


  • You remain limited to existing plans. In order to keep costs low and predictable, production builders re-use a catalog with plans. Your house will not be unique and there may be several others in your development with the same or a similar home.
  • Your adjustments are limited. Some production builders provide a bit of customization at home. You may have a larger main bathroom or opt for a breakfast nook. But you can not change the size of the house and may be limited in such things as window sizes or moving walls. You will have to choose a plan that is close enough to you that you want, which can be a damper to building your dream home & # 39 ;.
  • Your luminaire choices are limited. When choosing things like carpet, tiles, counters and fixtures, you choose from a number of pre-selected options that the builder allows. Restrictive choices keep prices predictable, but it can make you feel stuck with options you do not really like.
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A custom builder will start your plans all over again. Image: McEwan Custom Homes

Custom builders

Custom builders create your home and take you all the way from a blank sheet of paper to a ready-made property. You get exactly what you want, but it can also mean a less predictable process. Here are some of the most important pros and cons of using it.


  • You get a truly unique product. Custom builders start every home from scratch. Whether you come up with a plan that you have found online or if you want to make something yourself, each house is unique and designed according to your specifications.
  • You can choose your own architect. A tailor-made builder can have a preference for an architect or designer, but you can also bring your own builder. You are not limited to a series of plans and if you like the work of an architect, you can have your plans signed before you start working with your contractor.
  • You have more choices. Do you want completely golden fixtures? Done! Want a Game of Thrones mural in your playroom? Go for it. Do you want an extra large deck and a huge pantry? It is yours. A custom builder is in no way limited, so you will be able to make every choice according to your taste.
  • You have more input. Own home builders love cooperation, so expect to have more input along the way. Visiting the construction site and having more control over your construction is the first step for the course. It is a better choice for control figures or those who really want the full construction experience.


  • Expect a longer build. Custom tasks take more time, because more decisions have to be taken and contractors are put in a row if necessary. It takes time to send out for bids and hire contractors for your home. Expect a custom task to take longer than a production build.
  • Less predictable costs. Custom builders typically use a cost plus model, that is, the cost of goods and services plus a percentage for managing the build. It is much more difficult for a custom builder to predict costs because each build is different. Your costs depend on all your options, prices of contractors and fluctuating industry prices.
  • No bulk prices. Production builders are negotiating bulk prices from the same contractors, but it is unlikely that your client-specific builder will receive the same preferential treatment as a production builder. Your terminal costs can be slightly higher based on that fact.
  • Too many choices. A custom build can be too much of a good one. Choosing all your fixtures, colors and options can certainly be overwhelming, especially if the air is the limit and you can not really limit your options in any way.

Production and custom builders each have their pros and cons, so it is a personal choice. Would you rather have the house of your dreams, even if it is a bit more expensive? Or is price your true bottom line? By deciding which factors are most important to you, you can choose the type of builder that is most logical for you, your family and your build.

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