Mirror Styles

Best Mirror Styles 2018

Here we have 3 basic consideration when choosing your best mirror styles. It’s worthwhile taking the time to do a little planning before making a commitment to which mirror you purchase.


The scale is important. If you want your mirror to be a focal point in the room then a longer mirror would be recommended. you will need to consider where you are hanging the mirror and the available wall space.

Mirror styles


Whilst traditional square or rectangular mirrors can enhance a room, It’s worthwhile considering different shapes to give a different effect. This can often provide a more modern feel to a room. Shaped mirrors are very effective in entrance halls in particular.



You will need to consider whether you want your mirror to blend into its surroundings or whether you want it to “pop” as a focal point. This will then determine the choice you make for frame thickness, shape, and design.

Mirror ideas

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