bathroom mirror ideas

Bathroom Mirror Ideas

When choosing a bathroom mirror things to consider before you buy from what size it should be, and how it should hang.

The bathroom is a bit like the kitchen in decoration.

If it is to remain practical and functional, there is not much planning option. There is, however, a small element which can not be dispensed with, and which, if carefully selected, can give character to this piece. I'm talking about the mirror, of course. So if you fancy a touch of originality in your bathroom, here are some bathroom mirror ideas

Most bathrooms will have a mirror conveniently placed either behind or just above the sink. This is for ease of use when washing your face. Whilst this is normal in most bathrooms it can cause issues for close up work as it is difficult to lean over the sink.

So, it is also a good idea to have another mirror elsewhere in the room such as on a wall at head height or perhaps an extension shaving mirror with magnification.

Some bathrooms use mirrors behind the bath to give the illusion of a larger room. It is worth bearing in mind however that the mirror will need regular cleaning due to water splashes.

Accumulation of mirrors

When we talk about ice in a bathroom, we often imagine a single room. Why not jostle the frames and multiply the concept.
Mirrors of different shapes and sizes are used on a small shelf. By choosing them all bevelled, one gives nevertheless to the whole a pretty uniformity. Guaranteed effect!

My top pick bathroom mirror ideas

This is a very modern design bathroom mirror and is very subtle.

It comes with Infra-red motion sensor - an electronic sensor fitted at the low end or sides of the mirror that detect movement and switches the mirror on and off, just wave your hand in front of it Shaver socket - it can be used for shavers as well as electric toothbrushes. Having a demister ready - heats the rear of the glass, enabling an automatic demister which allowing for completely unencumbered use of your mirror.

bathroom mirror ideas

A larger mirror can increase the size of a room very effectively

This modern bathroom mirror design features a size of 650 x 1300 it also comes with a sensor, demister, shaver socket, and some very funky looking lights and also an ambient backlit.

This bathroom mirror is clever with its design of also having some shelves built into the design the size is 800mm x 600mm

his is a very simple and understated design of bathroom mirror, the size is 700mm x 500mm


mirror An antique mirror diverted into a minimalist bathroom can also create an original decoration. This is the easiest option to achieve. The originality of this element lies more in the way it is fixed than in its form. By suspending above the basin the mirror materialises a separation between bedroom and bathroom. Light and efficient!

Mirror triptych

If you are an amateur of the flea market, this option should seduce you. In this very refined bathroom, the focus is on the mirror triptych chiné. By combining this accessory with metro tiles and old taps, the industrial spirit of the whole is strengthened without overloading. Another advantage: this mirror used to be used by barbers and allowed to be seen from every angle. Practical in addition to being aesthetic!

Hand bathroom mirrors

If you want to give a small modern and chic girly side to your bathroom, accumulate the hand mirrors. The object itself is a little outdated but at the same time so feminine that it is difficult not to succumb to this original hang. They are fixed on a dark, uniform and dull support and thus one has an "old" mirror revisited contemporary version.

hand bathroom mirrors

Mirror spirit loft

Fashion is in interior joinery. In fact, the latter allow subtle transitions between spaces. Why not divert this pretty idea to dress up your bathroom. By using an interior window frame directly inspired by the workshops but dressed in the mirror above the basins, this narrow room is opened a little. The mirrors here give depth to space.

Material effect

An old mirrored frame can also be a very nice alternative to the traditional model. We do not hesitate to play the contrasts of materials and finishes to give style to our bathroom. The frame with old patina takes in this room, smooth and refined, a real dimension.

Mirror porthole

In the bathroom, no need to hide it, water is the main element. Enter the ocean in your space by diverting the sea codes. Minimalist portholes (in which will be glued circular mirrors) will bring a nice touch "liner" to your room of water! And to reinforce this nice effect, they are fixed without hesitation to the wall using ropes!

mirrors for the bathroom

Mirrorwitch eye

In the bathroom, everything is often a bit smooth and cold. Normal, you will say, because hygiene and ease of maintenance are preferred. To give a little volume to your space, do not hesitate to fix on the wall a mirror "eye of the witch". A decorative element in its own right thanks to its curved focal length, it will play with the light and the volume of your space. Provide a real make-up mirror, not distorting that one.

Which original option did you choose for your bathroom mirror? Show us!

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