Awnings best in test 2020 – Find the best awnings here!

Everyone probably thinks it’s great with sun, however, it’s just so lovely to a certain limitation. Sitting on the patio and in the scorching sun and eating, talking or the like can be very stressful. In the end, you get annoyed that it is sizzling sun – therefore you want to acquire awnings, so that you can easily decide for yourself when you want sun or not.

In this awnings best in test, we will look at different models of awnings, what to consider before their purchase of awnings, as well as the very best awnings on the market – we should not waste any time, so here we go!

Considerations for the purchase of awnings

Portrait or hanging

There are two types of awnings – the classic ones, those that are mounted in the wall and folded down. These protect from sun from above and are therefore the most popular. The second type of awning is the standing, is thus a foreclosure, from wind and transparency. This is more popular for those who have a patio with a lot of transparency and want to be able to relax, or when it is windy outside and you want to be able to shut out the wind and not have paper napkins that blow away.

Hanging: automatic or manual?

If you choose a hanging model then it is yet another question you should ask yourself, do you want an automatic awning or a manual? The automatic awning folds out when the sun arrives, and unfolds again when it has become dark and the awning is not used (to keep it fresh). This feature usually costs several thousand dollars extra and we don’t actually have an automatic awning in the list of the best awnings.

We believe that the manual variant is sufficient and that an automatic variant is almost unremarkable. But this is from person to person, and also on the basis of budget.

Price tag

Depending on the model you choose, the price tag will change significantly, if you choose a hanging automatic, this is significantly more expensive than a foreclosure screen or a manual hanging. The price tag is only something you need to care once, because once you buy the product, it will last several years to come.

Those of you who have long bought garden products know that there is a lot to buy in, but once you bought a tool or appliance, you do not have to add a single penny, but then you have solved the problem (in this case with sun on your face) for many years to come.

Top 3 Best Marquis Best in Test 2020

1. Jabo Extendable Screen 600×140 (Double)

First up in our awning best in test is a pull-out screen from Jabo. With a modern style, this fits into old and new houses.

This is then a screen, which acts as a wind and transparency awning. This from Jabo is a double and therefore you can pull it out on both sides – and get a total length of 6 meters.

This is perfect for those who want to walk around undisturbed on their patio or shut out the wind during a windy day.

Jabo is an established company in garden accessories and specializes in this field. If you have a shed or storage room, Jabo is usually in the picture somewhere. The company was created in 1961 and the focus was to create exterior products with a focus on design, function and quality – and this has kept the company alive ever since.

The screen is sturdy and made of durable polyester – there is also a wall mount, post mount and floor fastening included. The price is at market prices, neither too high, nor too low.
This is thus one of the very best awnings you can choose!

See the price here!

2. VidaXL Awning Manual retractable 400×300 cm

Next up in our awning test, we have the VidaXL Manual retractable 400×300, a manual hanging awning that makes it easy to take control of his patio and shut out the sun to get a cooling patio.

If you heard someone say during the winter that it would like to shut out the sun, people would think you were crazy, but during the summer it can be really stressful with heavy sun all day. Been out swimming / sunbathing with the family? Or have you been doing gardening all day? Then it might be nice to be in the shade for a while.

VidaXL has produced an adjustable awning with sturdy fabric. The frame for the awning can handle UV and is water-resistant as it is made of aluminum. The awning rejects dirt and water, which means that the dirt that comes flies away with the wind, and if anything, you might have to sweep the awning off once in a while at most.

The fabric included is blue/white-striped, which is perfect for both modern and old houses. In an old house it looks very retro and lovely, classic, and in the modern houses it looks fresh and classic. The fabric can be replaced for a few hundred if you would rather have a white awning.

The awning is easily mounted on the wall with the supplied wall brackets. So you don’t need to hire anyone to help you set up the awning, which can increase the overall price significantly.

See the price here!

3. VidaXL Entrance ceiling 150x100cm

Last but not least in our test comes a special variant of awning; namely an entrance ceiling! This entrance ceiling from VidaXL is a form of awning that is designed to protect doors and windows from precipitation.

This is not only very practical but also very neat and can enhance the appearance of your property. The polycarbonate sheets are of high quality and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

All mounting accessories come with which makes it very easy to assemble up without having to look up the right screws or, in the worst case, have to go to the store to buy it.

Something worth noting is that the roof does not hold too heavy snowfall and therefore it is good to dismantle the roof during winter time so that they last as long as possible.

See the price here!


No matter which awning you choose, we can promise that you will be very happy with the choice. You have now been presented 3 different models that have 3 different functions, and these are the very best in their respective category. Good luck with your choice!

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