Australian Residence Displays a Coastal Design

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WA Country Builders completed the coastal design and development of The Geographe Bay, a residence in Dunsborough, Australia. From afar the facade of the house looks remarkably modern. It features elements such as chipboard, stone and masonry, to ensure a laid-back visual appeal.

Step inside and discover a lively, beach-inspired home with striking details. “The entrance of the house is complete with high ceilings that provide a sense of openness that goes everywhere in the house”, according to the architects. “Directly at the entrance is the private suite with a dressing room and a private bathroom.”

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“The large living space with free form is located in the middle of the house, so that all sides are easily accessible”, they add. “It has an extensive kitchen, pantry and dining room, and the media room and launderette are located next to the residential area with free form.”

A generous terrace also offers opportunities for entertainment for the whole family. The architects also placed all three bedrooms with bathrooms at the back of the house, away from any street noise. The general layout carefully takes these details into account. This is to ensure a certain level of privacy in addition to the windy coastal design. Enjoy the virtual tour! Photography and information courtesy of WA Country Builders

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