An Inspiring Contemporary Cafe in a Former Automotive Warehouse

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This contemporary cafe from Greater Goods Coffee Roasters in Austin, Texas, was designed by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture. The architecture studio took up the challenge of upgrading a 61,569 square meter automotive store in East Austin. With a view to connectivity they wanted to make it ideal for public use. The result is an inspiring contemporary café, a roastery and a training facility. Composed of creative spaces, it stimulates social interaction.

"We have tried to preserve the existing steel structure and use the pointed profile of the rafters to span the roof", according to the architects. "Translucent polycarbonate panels along the north wall and skylight provide natural light for filling the coffee shop."

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A lively combination of materials and textures forms the interior. It invites guests to visually explore every corner of the contemporary café. The architects have planned the layout to maximize the synergy between the functional areas.

"The design revolved around a central bar, allowing customers to experience each side of the cafe, by raising and breaking the bar in smaller volumes, it encourages interaction between guests and barista's," added the architects. to this. "A point-filled niche in the back is framed with a steel window for visibility in the burner." Information provided by Michael Hsu Office of Architecture; photography courtesy of Chase Daniel

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