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11 Amazing blackout curtains that will help you sleep

Sometimes trying to sleep during the summer months when there isn't as much night time can be hard. Even if your just a light sleeper or maybe even if you work during the night and need to sleep during the day, then some good blackout curtains will help.

With blackout curtains they are pretty good at keeping warmth in the house in winter too. They also can keep the house cool in the summer by blocking out the sun and deflecting the sunlight away.

You don't need to spend a fortune on black curtains you can find some decent blackout curtains for under $35 that will do the job nicely. I've got together the best blackout curtains that have the best user rating over the internet. For not a lot of money you could be having some of the best nights sleep in a long time!

Deconovo Black Blackout Curtains

best blackout curtains

First up and nicely priced are the deconovo blackout curtains these are thermally insulated that completely blackout any room, not only do they blackout and light they are very good at keeping out the heat from the sun in them hot summer days to make it a little bit more comftable

Back Tab and Rod Pocket Styles

With these blackout curtains then have 3 different ways that they can be styled, rod pocket, back loops or you can use your own ring clips. The Stitching or these curtains has been done to a very high standard so that there are uneven hems or edges or any loose threads

With some stiff liner or foamed back alternatives these 100% fabcric blackout curtains will block out light and heat even though they are soft and light to the touch.

These blackout curtains have over 4,000 reviews, here are a couple of reviews from buyers.

"I absolutely love these! They are heavy and hang really well. What I did was double up on the panels. I like mixing two colors together with a dark on the outside and a lighter color in the inside. (Same rod.) They are exactly what I was looking for! And for the price, I didn't think it was that costly to buy two sets for the price of these. I have paid for one panel in the past for what the pair of these costs. I used a standard rod and sheered on. That allowed me to pull them around the corner of the window and block out any light that might leak through the sides. Also, I might note that these also came with tie backs. If you want to complete blackout, I would suggest buying double what you need. I put Chocolate on the outside and Khaki on the inside. I also bought the valances in Chocolate to top them off. I Bought 2 1/2 times the width of the window for the valance. I tried hanging these straight out of the package because I figured I had enough thickness for them to pleat well. But I might suggest to wet these on a gentle rinse cycle and hang while damp. (These are washable.). Then take your time and hang with the gathering hanging neatly. I have always hung my washable window coverings this way and they dry and hang perfectly every time. I would not hesitate to buy these again. Highly recommend."

"Really surprised at how much I like these. I must’ve read the reviews and researched the 3 main options for room darkening curtains from Amazon twenty times! I decided against the ones from China even though they had very good reviews since they’d take 3-4 weeks to arrive. Those would have been a bit cheaper but these are just what I wanted and I have them in time!
ROOM DARKENING: I read so many back to back reviews that said, “They Do!” “ They Don’t!” My head was spinning. After reading about how the fabric has black threads woven through it to give it room darkening ability, I went back and looked at my room and realized a gray-white would be fine with my blue/white/rattan colors. Now I’m so happy I didn’t get a white white that would have been too stark. This is a nice color contrast. As for the darkening ability, take a look at the pics for yourself. I included one with a flash to counter the exterior sunlight in the background & to better show the color & impact. You can see for yourself how much light they are blocking between the tied back parts & the top. When fully closed, it’s dark!
FABRIC: it’s soft and hangs nicely. None of the reviews had addressed how it drapes and I was worried it would hang stiffly or just flat. The reason I’m using the tie backs is to “train” the folds into the fabric. To do it properly I should put straight pins in the bottom /hemline folds too but I haven’t gotten to that. All it took to get them to hang so nicely was a 5 minute toss in the dryer before hanging each pair. That took out most of the packaging wrinkles and gave me a clean slate to work with. Then I just followed the pleats created by the back tabs, pinched them all the way through to the hem, held them with one hand and loosely draped the tie back around them to hold them in place. Surprisingly I even like how they look like this, but after a few days or a week like that those pleats will be set—- if I had a steamer I could set them in place right away with a quick pass or two.
All in all I’m happy!"

NICETOWN Blackout Curtain Panels Window Draperies

amazing blackout blinds

These nicetown curtains they also feature the 3 hanging options with the rod pocket black tab, with the option of using your own ring clips to hang them. The blackout curtains are made of a microfiber that is interwoven with a top layer high-density black yarn that also has a black fabric layer that incorporated with triple weave technology.

The nicetown have an array of colors with the darker colors giving the best blackout effect and blocking sun rays.

Again these come in under the budget of what we said you could get some good blackout curtains for a reasonable price.

Here are some buyers reviews with an amazing 2,600 reviews and 74% being 5 stars.

"These curtains turned out amazing! They are super soft and luxurious looking. I do wish they were slightly thicker in order to block more light, they are not true blackout curtains but they certainly black 90% of the light coming in. I also love that you can hang them via the individual tabs or the full rod pocket. I do not plan on washing them unless the bottoms get dirty from sweeping against the floor, I'd consider having them dry cleaned to be careful of a washing machine tearing them apart. The quality seems good but you just never know with curtains if they will survive a washing machine. Overall these were a great purchase, I'm very happy and would recommend them especially for the money. Also all the seams seemed to be well stitched in my opinion."

"I love these curtains so far. I haven't washed them yet so I will update my review later. I wasn't sure about ordering curtains online without being able to touch them and inspect them but thankfully there is Amazon with all of you and your reviews! These are silky smooth and soft. They are heavy and feel well made. I ordered a dark color and the blackout is a true blackout curtain. All you can see is little sparkles but no true light coming through. I love all the different options to hang them. I chose hooks and they hang beautifully. They are wider than some panels as well."

Miuco 2 Panels Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Grommet Window Blackout Curtains

blackout blinds

These Miuco blackout curtains come well under the budget of $30 and with over 15,000 reviews with 83% being 5 start, it had to be added to our list. These are a simple elegant design, that is thermally insulated to keep the house nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summers months.

Some of the features of the Miuco blackout curtains are that they are soft to feel but yet durable. With the Densely woven fabric, it gives the room a sound barrier to the outside world, which is important when you're trying to sleep during the day when on a night shift. With the weighted hem, they hang nice and straight down to the floor.

"These curtains are absolutely gorgeous. They are a luxurious, soft, thick material and the color is a beautiful rose. I have had them up for a week and have already received so many complements. My only complaint is that they are not as room darkening as I would hope. They are in a room facing East that is extremely bright in the morning. Luckily, I already had some cheap blinds in the window (that I was hoping to remove), and the combination makes the room incredibly dark, with only the curtains, some light gets through, though not too much. I'm sure the darker colors work better. I included a picture of the room in the morning under direct sunlight. The left window has the blinds down, the right window has the blinds up."

"These curtains are made of a very thick, heavy, quality material that hangs nicely. Best of all, these are true blackouts! I provided a picture for reference. I was so happy with these I ordered 4 more pairs for other rooms in the house. I don't know how they will perform on energy savings but the blackout feature was the most important factor for me since we have small kids that still nap during he day and go to bed before its dark..so, if there is any savings then that would be a plus! I highly recommend these!"

Utopia Bedding Blackout Room Darkening and Thermal Insulating Window Curtains

cheap blackout blinds

These Utopia have a very good customer review with over 3,500 and an excellent 82% of them being 5 stars. They are well under the budget even though they are one of the less expensive blackout curtains they are still very good high quality, that is good at giving you the privacy and reducing light so you can get that good nights sleep.

The Utopia feature a 250GSM material that is still soft to the touch but deliverers a good blackout option with still being stylish and offering a good thermal barrier.

"Finally got around to hanging these up and I'm really pleased. We have wooden blinds at each window in our apartment, but there is still so much light that gets through even when the slats are shut. My boyfriend works night shift and needs to sleep during the day, so I searched through Amazon for blackout curtains and chose these based on the good reviews and reasonable price.
The quality is great. I bought two sets of the navy blue- one for each window for our bedroom. The metal grommets are a bronze color which match nicely with the blue. The material feels kind of silky, but it's not shiny or cheap looking.
The curtains are definitely blackout curtains. The picture I took are our windows with the curtains open, and then the curtains closed in the middle of the day. No light gets through except a little at the top and a little at the bottom, but this was expected. They are just long enough to cover our windows which is why I bought the size I did. I believe the measurements are accurate as to what is advertised. If you're looking for a good blackout curtain, I would highly recommend these "
" The curtains are great, and they block light and are true to size. My son says they work great. He just went off to college and he lives in a dorm where there are not curtains. They are not allowed to drill or put nails in the walls, so we were trying to figure out how to put curtains up in his room. Also the window is too large with no space for a tension rod to hang a curtain. The sun was making the room too hot and the light woke him too early, as well as a street light keeping the room lit at night. Thank goodness for grommet curtains and command 3M hooks. He put the hooks above his window and hung the curtains by the grommets. Works great! I hope this review helps other college students with an idea for hanging curtains in their dorm."

Flamingo P 100% Blackout Curtains

blackout blinds

These Flamingo blackout curtains are just without a budget they feature a triple weave technology that effectively blocks out any sunlight and reflecting any UV rays to keep the room cool. another benefit of blackout curtains is they can stop the suns rays from fading furniture over time. and of course a good nights sleep or even during the day.

Each Flamingo curtain is designed with 8 groommets the inner diameter of the grommets is 1.6" that work well with any stardard curtain rail.

"I read several reviews from other curtains before settling on this one. Even though there was not many pictures to go by, after looking into the material used and the way the curtains are made I decided to take the plunge and make the purchase.
I am so glad I did! As you can tell from the pics, not only do the curtains look good and match my color scheme (navy) but they are extremely well constructed. They are very thick with black inserts woven in to block out unnecessary light. Also because of the thickness of the material and the assembly, I didn't even have to put them in the dryer to air out the wrinkles. I took them out the package, hung them up and what you see in the picture is exactly how they look right out the box.
I would strongly recommend anyone wanting good quality blackout curtains to pick these up! "
"These are absolutely perfect. I did NOT think they would be this great, but they are superrr soft, heavy duty and thick, and are TRUE blackout! I bought the WHITE ones- yes, those are white, but they block out so much light in the middle of the day at 5pm that they look black. As you can see, NO light gets through. The black back panel helps a lot with keeping that light out. I live in a high-rise penthouse so privacy is very important to me, as there is another tower close by, so having these be as great of quality as they are, I honestly can't say enough good things about these curtains- they're just amazing."

Wontex Lattice Printed Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

best black out blinds

More recently we are seeing pattered blackout curtains which provide far more choice for your home. These do tend to cost just a little extra but provide such a wonderful touch to any room.

These curtains are absolutely stunning. Triple-weave high-quality polyester blocking out both light and UV rays. They have thermal insulation which can help reduce air conditioning costs. The blackout element can protect furniture and floors from the sun's damaging UV rays.

Being wrinkle and color fade resistant, these elegant and striking curtains are amazing value for money. Machine washable, can be tumble dried on low and ironed on low too. This makes them easy to maintain and does not leave you with additional dry cleaning costs like some other curtains do.

Primitive Linen Look 100% Blackout Curtain

blackout bedroom curtains

Straight away the distinguishing factor for these curtains is the elegant burlap effect material. These are weighty curtains that give a real classic feel to your room. With sewn-in double lined layers, these curtains help resist sunlight softly.

With an 8-year quality warranty you also receive peace of mind that should your curtains need replacing then you are covered. However, because of the burlap effect, these curtains are already long lasting and more durable than a lot of curtains on the market.

A consideration is the very high customer rating these curtains have received. 90% of customers have given a five-star rating which completely reflects the high quality and completely justifies the additional cost. With these curtains, you absolutely achieve value for money.

HLC.ME Redmont Lattice Print Blackout Curtains

These curtains have a real luxury look and feel. The colors are striking and the heavy material lets you know that you are getting good quality. They are energy efficient as you would expect from blackout curtains however they do advertise energy savings costs of up to 30%.

They have a triple-weaved design which allows you to have confidence that the dense fabric will do a correct job in keeping the heat or cold and light out of your room. They also boast noise reduction which means you can maintain a high level of privacy within your chosen room.

Machine washable on a cold wash with tumble dry on low too. You will need to ensure you use a mild detergent to maintain the excellent quality of these curtains.

82% of reviews give these curtains 4 or 5 stars.

Pony Dance Star Blackout Curtains

best blackout curtains

Pony Dance offer a huge range of blackout curtains so finding some that suit your budget is easy. They also cater for small and large window to cover any use in the home that you are trying to achieve.

The curtains I have chosen have a wonderful star affect which would be particularly suited for any bedroom. These provide something different to the normal single colored curtain.

With 86% of customers giving a five star review you know you are buying good quality curtains. They are available in 6 different colours which means you can further tailor your choice to suit your needs. There are also another two designs of milky ways and lightning.

These have triple-weave technology which provide heavy weighted material that is sure to deliver your blackout requirements. Machine washable at 30 degrees which provides east maintenance too.

Amazlinen Blackout Curtains

darkout curtains

Perhaps more reasonably priced if you are catering for your whole house in one go and cost is your primary consideration.

Thermal lined to ensure 95% of light and 100% of UV rays are blocked form your room. These come with grommets at the top which makes hanging them very easy. Also easy to maintain as machine washable and tumble dry on low. You are able to iron these curtains but creases will fall out through hanging them too.

These are ideal for the bedroom with a triple weave fabric and no use of chemicals in the factory to finish which means you will not get a chemical smell to them which in some brands is evident.

Available in 6 colors you will be able to find the right color for your room. With 82% of customers giving these a five-star rating, it is easy to see why they are so popular.

Easeland Balckout Curtains

blackout curtains

These are perhaps to be considered more of a budget curtain. However, they are available in 9 colors which is an extensive choice that will see you being able to find the right color for any room. Alongside this they are available in five different sizes.

They have a silk like feel which gives them a wonderful feel to touch. They offer the same high level of blackout quality. This includes the energy efficient cost reduction to household bills.

Easy to maintain however you can not tumble dry these curtains unlike others on the market. You can however iron which can speed up the drying of the curtains after a wash.

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