A Home That Uses Reflective Surfaces To Increase The Sense Of Space

A Home That Uses Reflective Surfaces To Increase The Sense Of Space


Mirrors are often used to enhance the feeling of space and light in a room, but what other ways can we introduce reflective surfaces within a set design? This modern apartment interior in Kiev, Ukraine, designed by One M2, has a few different ideas on the subject. Wall units made of smoked glass, doors and cabinets, shiny kitchen cabinets and chromed fixtures have all been implemented into a fully spatial expanding effect in the 190 m² house. The shiny surfaces create more light through the living space by carrying natural light from windows and reflecting the artificial glow of lane lighting systems and recessed spotlights. LED strips sketch racks and special functions, while hanging lamps give extra style.

One of the most important issues in the living room with a yellow accent is a shiny black TV wall. The whole room is mirrored in its high gloss and the black TV screen is hidden among the dark media units. A bookcase to the left of the TV wall has a shiny back to continue the view over the rest of the room’s length.


A series of modern coffee tables take up the center spot in the living room – one white and one yellow to match a bright accent chair.


The yellow modern accent chair is the Piccola Papilio by Naoto Fukasawa. You can get a cheaper alternative on Wayfair. This is also a swivel chair and has a matching yellow footstool that follows the same shape.


The furniture in the living room is on a rough knitted carpet in a soft gray shade. The sofa upholstery is slightly darker, matching the contrasting edges of the rugs.


A small side table sits on the edge of a large L-shaped sofa. The sofa acts as a partition wall to separate a formal dining area from the comfortable lounge.


The lounge wall opposite the TV is covered with wooden panels. Opening double doors lead to the kitchen.


A dining table with smoke glass reflects the twinkling lights of a modern chandelier above, namely the Vibia Match suspension. Light beige modern dining room chairs contrast with the dark glass top, but fit perfectly with the light wooden floor treatment. At the end of the table is a contemporary letterbox fireplace – which serves both the dining room and the lounge with a cozy atmosphere.


An additional dining area is in line with the first, accessed through the interior doors with smoke glasses. A modern kitchen is tucked away from the immediate surroundings; a peninsula further obscures the view of the field of preparations.


In the gray and white kitchen a chimney of the chrome extraction shines over the cooking island.


There is an open shelf above the peninsula; it is equipped with dish drains and holders for wine glass at sink number one.


A second sink serves the back of the room, where a U-shaped kitchen layout of shiny gray cabinets with chrome edges and stainless steel appliances produce shiny reflections.


The entrance of the house leads to a wide hall – which has been made to look even bigger because of the huge mirrors placed along one wall. One half of the mirrored corridor is tinted glass, creating the optical illusion of a dividing wall in the center of the room through the seat. Marble floor tiles continue the light reflecting theme.


Two striking hanging lamps in the bedroom illuminate the bedside tables in one of the three bedrooms of the house. A few modern wall sconces bring the light closer to the optimal reading position above the cushions.


A glass front cabinet proudly presents designer clothing under LED lighting. A modern armchair is attached to a geometric laptop table in front of the glass cabinet system.


Recessed lighting illuminates the lighting along the wall of the headboard and around the perimeter. A television drops down from the hidden position in the ceiling, from the comfort of the bed.


Nicer hanging lamps hang in modern bedroom number two, which is still a double.


The attractive textured appearance of wooden wall panels also continues in this room.


Another winged bedroom room is here, this time next to a quirky floor lamp to create a cozy reading spot. For more cool designs like this, view these floor lamps.


A media unit runs the length of the bedroom, under a long shelf. LED lighting illuminates the niche created between the two.


An illuminated make-up mirror opens an alcove on the side of the wall of the headboard. A vanity chair is erected on a shallow shelf that serves as a dressing table.


The recess of the dressing table is also the entrance to a walk-in closet – a long mirror at the end of the cabinet reflects the vanity seat in the doorway. Ellipses of light shine in open shelves and clothes rails.


The family bathroom is a vision of stunning tiles and marble.


The spacious room contains a built-in bath, floor-to-ceiling storage room, shower enclosure, toilet and bidet and a double washbasin in the bathroom.


Ensuite facilities in the first double bedroom we have toured are on a smaller scale but of the same luxury standard.


A marbled wet wall bounces the light back.


A wide mirror visually doubles the space.


The last of the three double bedrooms in the apartment is a children’s room with a fun superhero theme.



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