8 Non-Plant Ideas for Bringing the Outside In

We call it now: 2019 is the year of the plant. What started as a semi-hipster trend in interior design has become a movement that is completely in motion. Bringing in the outside has tons of advantages, of course from a sense of humor to cleaner air. But let’s be honest: not everyone is known for his green thumb. If you like the idea of a more natural way of decorating, but do not keep a plant alive, you save your life, do not worry. Plants are not the only way to bring out the outside and we predict a movement towards a more natural design throughout the year.

If you are positive, kill your snake plant and have your last batch of succulents killed, try these ideas instead.

Choose natural materials

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Wicker and rattan furniture are not just for patio’s. Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

Hey, leaves are not the only way to create a natural setting. There are many non-living natural materials that can warm up your house and reap the benefits without the whole watering and sunlight side of things. Natural materials such as wicker are perfect for airy accent furniture, while airy linen is ideal for textiles. Even leather and synthetic leather can be considered as a natural material and form a big contrast with lighter colors and materials.

Use color

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Minimalist bathroom with green walls

Use green paint for a fresh take. Image: ImageFlow / Shutterstock

The good news? Nobody ever forgot to water a green wall. Why not use color to bring in the outside? It can easily light up a room and you do not have to have an owner to take care of when you go on vacation. Look specifically at colors that can be found in nature, such as vibrant greens or cool, brilliant ocean blue. Choose an accent wall so that you get the same color as a plant. Or use color in your decor accents, such as decorative pillows or vases.

Try a faux animal

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Animal print living room

Animal print stands for plants. Image: Artazum / Shutterstock

When you think of a “natural device”, your mind usually goes to plants and trees. But do not forget that animal prints and textures can be as natural as houseplants. A carpet with fake paints can bring texture and a touch of color, while a fur coat or blanket ensures that a room looks cozy and natural at the same time. Or go for an unexpected print like an ottoman etched with a snake or an antelope print accent and let your animal instinct rule.

Frame with windows

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Open concept living room

Use windows to show off the natural beauty. Image: Breadmaker / Shutterstock

Do not assume that you are limited to the interior of your home when decorating and designing. Your landscape can become part of the design (and you do not even have to make it by hand). Although you may not be able to move windows to get the most beautiful picture, you can freshen up your garden. Try to set a window to add some color that peeks through the window. Or remove heavy blinds that obstruct the view of your favorite tree. Use the outside air as a low-maintenance, impressive design element.

Reconsider transitional places

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Bright open hall

Use transitional spaces for added light. Image: sirtravelalot / Shutterstock

The spaces that bridge the gap between inside and outside can become some of your biggest allies in organic design. Think of the restyling of your foyer at the front, back deck or even unused conservatory, so that you get a bit more outside. A gazebo or roof extension ensures that you have access to your grill all year round, while a glass door with a screen makes the front of your house bright and airy. You can even use a reusable and unused greenhouse as a light playroom with access to the backyard.

Use natural patterns

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Living room with palm print wallpaper

Palmprint wallpaper does not need to be watered. Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

So you are a hopeless gardener; you can still bring plants into your daily decor. Decorating with plant prints is in vogue and gives you all the same peaceful, happy feelings that living plants give you. Hand-printed decorative cushions, a leafy carpet or even a bold floral wallpaper in a small space (think of a powder room) can give your home a greenhouse feeling without any maintenance.

Think of inner windows

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Light kitchen with glass cupboards

Glass cabinets let light through. Image: Breadmaker / Shutterstock

The idea behind the inner windows is to let more light go through your house. Inside windows can be found everywhere, from a French door that leads to the living room, to glass cupboards in your kitchen. Glass half-walls and partition walls can also be used to preserve light, but give your home more character. And you can use your interior windows as a nod to gardening: stop a few faux plants or flowers behind the doors or place your windows strategically so that they frame some of the natural-loving elements of your home.

Become artful

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Gallery wall with plant prints

Plant prints give a natural look. Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

Art prints are an inexpensive way to bring color and texture into a space. An entire wall of different leaf prints or a gallery with floral shots is a surefire way to get a green spot in the house. You can find flower prints via online photography sites, in thrift stores, or you can make your own prints. In combination with some cool vintage frames, you never have to be the second best for your green-grown sister.

For those who love to fill their homes with living creatures, the plant trend of the year is a good idea. Unfortunately, it is not so easy and airy for everyone. If you like the idea of a more organic aesthetic, but you can not bear the idea of filling your house with living plants, then decor is the best alternative. Getting the outside in does not mean that you make your own jungle in the suburbs, but a few important pieces that look good at home.

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