5 Ways to Get a Creative and Fun Boho Style

Have you always wanted a more liberal and artistic space, but have you never had the courage to try it? Then 2019 might be your year to get an exciting boho style. Boho is backed up in the home trends this year. The boho style is short for bohemian and it is about finding what is unique, fun, interesting, artistic and relaxed for a home.

For example, boho style emphasizes bright colors, complex prints, unique furniture and everything that makes a space unusual. Because of these elements, each boho style has its own unique look. So look below for some inspiration on how you can integrate this look into your home.

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Do not be afraid to make fabrics your wall art. Image: Jessica Forbes

Colorful fabrics on the wall

An important characteristic of the boho style are bold and colorful patterns in fabrics. Because they look so culturally, they also help you give your space the world-wide, free-spirited atmosphere that you often have in the boho style, even if you do not travel as much as you would like.

The photo above shows how the use of these prints and textures contributes in an unusual way to the artistic feeling. For example, you can hang one of these fabrics on the wall as unconventional, free flowing artwork. You can also see how these daring textures and colors are reflected in other pieces in space, such as the lamp, the tablecloth and the pillow.

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Boho-style rustic kitchen

Go rustic for a classic bohemian feeling. Image: Kole

Rustic texture and bright colors for a Boho style

Not many people think to combine a boho look with a rustic interior. However, it is logical. The boho-gaze originated from the Bohemian lifestyle of the 19th Century and beyond. It was once characterized by unconventional lifestyles for time, austerity and a life dedicated to artistic pursuits. As such, many bohemians lived in the then affordable artistic neighborhoods of major cities (Greenwich Village is one of the most popular examples).

So by choosing a purposeful rustic or industrial interior, you can effectively create a sense of those early arts district apartments. On the above photo you can see how such a look goes well with bright color shoots in the herbs, books, rugs and tea kettle for an extra boho look.

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Rustic furniture in Boho style

Set the casual and free flowing feeling with non-matching furniture. Image: STRUKTR

Purposive non-matching furniture

One of the ways to get a boho look with the biggest impact is by choosing unusual combinations of furniture. This immediately gives a sense of noncommittal commitment. On the above photo you can see how such a look was achieved by combining a standard sectional sofa with rustic, woven chairs. The inverted basket as a coffee table gives an extra feeling of free flowing space.

Additional elements in the room also contribute to the boho look. Exposed frames next to each other with smooth, dark walls for an artistic feeling. The pattern and the striking colors in the carpet add those typical boho textures. And the cushions add nice color photos.

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Boho Style Cover on bed

A clear fabric is a good focal point for more subtle, upscale spaces. Image: Jungalow

Go chic with a single clear fabric

One way to go for a boho look that is on the easier side is to choose a single bright and intricate fabric as the focal point of the room. A good example is the cover on the bed in the picture above. The neutral colors in the rest of the room help the cover easily become the focal point.

Once you have your focal tissue, you can add subtle boho elements in the room. For example, the free-flowing, minimalist canopy of the bed is a common element in boho-bedrooms. The rustic photo frames with small art elements in it give a funky, unconventional look. And the hanging lantern piece has a nice, artistic feel.

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Boho Style Hanging Chair and Rocker

Get out of your bed with your furniture choices for that fun, relaxed boho feel. Image: Kristin Laing

Unconventional furniture pieces

Another idea is to go for many unconventional pieces of furniture, as in the photo above. As large fixtures in the room, furniture always immediately determines the tone of the room. An example is the artistic swinging moon chair. The graceful rocker also gives the room a sense of unconventionality. Other elements such as the hanging pot plant and the large cushion on the floor give the room a fun, relaxed and free-spirited feeling.

As you can see, it is difficult to prescribe exactly what should be in a boho space. These spaces are as unique as possible. So you can combine some of the above ideas or find fun, artistic items in a thrift store to make the space your own. The real pleasure with the boho style is to make it unique.

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