5 Small Repairs That Make A Big Difference When Showing Your Home

When it’s time to get your house ready for sale, you want to make sure it’s in the best possible shape by the time you show it. This way they know when a potential buyer asks about the condition of the property, that it is ready to be sold without much work to be done.

After all, most buyers prefer not to have functional problems before they go inside. Before they show your house, consider doing these minor repairs because they can make a big difference, both in terms of interest levels and supply prices.

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Consider applying a new coat of paint. Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

Apply new paint

Almost every reputable broker will suggest that you give your home a new coat of paint before you show it, provided you have not done so recently. At the very least, you have to paint the interior in a neutral color, which makes the room appear larger. If you have the time and it was a while ago, you also need to consider new paint for the outside. A simple layer of paint ensures that everything looks newer and is in a better condition.

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Work your floors to hardwood. Image: Breadmaker / Shutterstock

Create floorings

Depending on the floor in your house and the state in which it is located, you must also carry out minor repairs on this part of the house. Replacement and repair of floors can be cheap when you choose the right material. Even a slightly more expensive replacement of floors can be worthwhile if you have a shag carpet or something else that no buyer wants.

At the moment most buyers prefer hardwood floors, so if you have this kind of floor under your floor covering, a relatively cheap removal of the carpet can dramatically increase the appeal of your home. If you have ceramic floors, replace or clean the mortar and replace cracked or broken tiles. As a general rule, you do not have to lay ceramic floors in a house before you show it, because it is expensive. The only exception is a bathroom or hall that previously had carpet.

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Think of the re-emergence of cabinets. Image: KUPRYNENKO ANDRII / Shutterstock

The re-emergence of kitchen cabinets and sinks

The average kitchen remodeling gives you almost a full return on your investment in terms of asking price, but this applies more to medium-sized and smaller renovations than to advanced kitchens. One thing that is almost always worthwhile, however, is that your cupboards are popping up again. You can do this yourself. You can enliven old cabinets, making them look less outdated. While you are busy, consider replacing the handles on your cabinets.

This is also the time to carry out minor repairs to the sink and countertop, such as filling your sink. It is sufficient to thoroughly clean your sink to improve the appearance of your home. Your broker can suggest some other minor repairs to the countertops, backsplash or sink.

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Refreshing bathrooms. Image: ArchiVIZ / Shutterstock

Clean or replace bathroom fittings

Your house must be sparkling clean when you show it, so do your best to get your shower doors and all glass fittings in the bathroom completely clean. If this is not possible, go ahead and replace them. For example, there may be lime deposits that have etched the glass past the point of repair. It may also be necessary to refill your bathtub if there are stains.

There are also some other minor repairs in your bathroom before you show your house. If you have carpet in your bathroom, you definitely want to replace it with tiles, because you will have trouble finding a buyer who finds this a nice feature. You usually also get your money back for minor repairs, such as new fixtures, lamps and floors, all of which help to make your bathroom shine during the screenings. Also do not forget to repaint the bathroom walls, preferably in a light color, because this space seems larger.

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Do not forget the look of the curb. Image: rSnapshotPhotos / Shutterstock

Raising the curb

Before you show your house, take the time to reinforce the insurrection of the house with minor repairs, as this will yield more interested buyers. If there are cracks in your pavement or driveway, apply them. If you have an asphalt driveway, take the time to resurface. In the case of fences, carry out the necessary repairs and give them a new layer of paint. You also want to do some smaller landscaping, such as cutting back dead branches and planting flowers.

Remember that a boost to your restraining tendency makes it more likely that someone will look at your home. Buyers will also feel attracted to the ability to get a perfect picture for their new home without having to do extensive landscaping.

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