5 Ideas for Fun, Cute Halloween Decorating

5 Ideas for Fun, Cute Halloween Decorating

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Halloween decor does not have to be scary. Source: Sarah Greenman

Do you want to decorate for Halloween, but it feels like every time you walk into the Halloween store, you only see gruesome, blood-sucking bats hanging on the ceiling and a bowl of plastic chopped off feet? Maybe you’re the type of person who loves Halloween, just not from the bloody side of it. You can even love Halloween as long as it stays in the cute Halloween adornment category. There is nothing wrong with that. There is no reason to fight your gag reflex when you decorate your house for Halloween. Below decorate ideas for getting a fun Halloween full of good, clean fun.

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Cute Halloween decorating color Banners

Every black, white and orange fabric can make a Halloween theme. Image: Royal Design Studio Stencils

Create banners of stylish black, orange and white textiles

This idea has a Halloween vibe while you are far away from another, scary imagery. If you do not want your house covered with ghosts, witches and monsters, focus on your color scheme. Every Halloween-colored fabric, whether it is a Halloween-themed fabric or not, can be cut into a triangular banner and attached to a rope to hang, as the photo above shows. The burlap bows also add a rustic harvest theme to the banner.

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Cute Halloween decorating Boo Vase

The use of fun Halloween words avoids more graphic Halloween images. Image: Coastal interior

Use subtle pieces with nice words

Another idea for cute Halloween decorating is to find items that have fun Halloween-themed words on them. You get the Halloween spirit without having to go for more traditional scary images. For example, the vase on the picture above reads “Boo” with a wrapped ribbon around it.

Your possibilities are endless. You can easily go to the artisan store to buy individual pre-cut letters and attach them to everything. An image frame can contain the expression “Trick-or-Treat”. Or a plastic pumpkin can Happy Halloween read. Half of the fun is to see how creative you can be.

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Cute Halloween decorating plush dolls

Go sweet with monster plush figures. Image: Sarah Greenman

Make pop scenes for fun Halloween decorating

If you are going for fun Halloween decorations, remember the plush pieces. Nothing turns frighteningly into cute as a cute plush doll. A good example is the scene on the photo above with a friendly mummy, a cute Frankenstein monster and a cute witch, to name a few of the characters.

A complete menagerie of plush monsters is a great way to dress a window sill or a mantelpiece. If you can have a silhouette background, it is added to the fun scene. You can make or buy the plush dolls yourself in virtually every store around Halloween.

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Cute Halloween Decorating Cloak Scene

Seasonal cloaks are a beautifully customizable decoration option. Image: Lisa Creative Designs

Make a cute Halloween cloak

Speaking of cloaks, making a Halloween display above your fireplace is a good way to get fun Halloween decorations in your home. As the picture above shows, larger Halloween figures are great additions on both sides of the fireplace. The Happy Halloween wreath hangs well over the mantelpiece. The cute “Boo to you!” Saying creates a playful feeling. Cute Halloween houses on either side of the chimney add balance to the theme.

In the center of the mantelpiece, you can add the cute or slightly scary thing that appeals to you in the Halloween decor pad. Because this idea is so adaptable, you can go completely cute or add a bit of creepy, depending on your taste.

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Cute Halloween decorating witch dolls

Witch dolls work well with cute Halloween decorations. Image: Grandin Road

Use artistic witch figures

One of the best parts of Halloween is finding all creative doll figures for sale. These witches are a good example. They are a design by Mark Roberts and are for sale at Grandin Road. The smiling faces, twisted hats, and elaborate dresses give a clearly fun, friendly witch feeling.

Finding other witch figurines is a good way to go for some fun Halloween decorating. Shops are full of friendly plush witch dolls, smiling fence dolls and other fun figures. You can also watch licensed figures, such as Pop Vinyl Harry Potter characters, as part of your adorable Halloween theme.

Do you rather go as cute as spooky, come Halloween time? Let us know some of your favorite Halloween decorations below!

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