5 Easy Ways to Get 2020 Interior Design Trends

Half of the fun of the approaching new year looks forward to all those new design trends. And 2019 has some great upcoming trends. Interior designers have since mid-year discussed what will be popular in 2019. What they have conceived are rich colors, smart use of space, elegant furniture and an eye for sustainability. These trends may seem intimidating to place at your home. Below we discuss some simple ways to make these new interior designs from 2019 work for you and your space.

Colors of the year

One of the best aspects of looking at the design trends of next year is to take all the different colors of the year. It seems that all large paint companies have their own eye for what will become big the next year. With so many options, such as Behr & # 39; s Blueprint, you have plenty of choice to stay trendy.

In the spirit of keeping new colors easy, you might want to incorporate these shades into cushions, blankets or a single painted accent wall. You can even try painting your list with a new shade.

With that in mind, here are some of the great colors of 2019:

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Behr & # 39; s 2019 color of the year – Blueprint S470-5

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2019 Trends in interior design Clay color

Sherwin-Williams 2019 Color of the year – Cavern Clay SW 7701

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2019 Trends in interior design Night watch color

2019 color of the year PPG – Night watch PPG 1145-7

If you are incredibly committed to color inspiration, you may want to take a look at the powerful PANTONEVIEW home + interior 2019, which focuses on the daring culinary-inspired CRAVINGS palette and the warm CLASSICO palette.

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2019 Interior designs Trends Boho style

Go artfully with a trendy boho look. Image: Breeze Giannasio

Boho is big again

Boho has never become unpopular, exactly. It is a favorite of every homeowner who loves bright colors, artistic styles and liberal themes & # 39; s. However, it is on a large scale back in the interior designs of 2019. If you are looking for a new style for your home, boho may be the best way to stay up to date. And with so many boho products out there, such as carpets, stylized pillows and wall hangings, boho has never been so easy to get.

If you are not looking for a full boho, you can also consider Haute Bohemian. At Haute Bohemian it's about getting a high-quality, civilized appearance, like the house of an art connoisseur. You can also try boho chic.

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2019 Trends in interior design Small spaces

Small spaces are becoming more common, so smart ways to use them are more important than ever. Image: Ikea

Ingenious small spaces

Come in Ikea lately and you will see how designers use the small spaces of the future. And it does not go away in 2019 trends in interior design. With trends such as small houses and downsizing, small spaces are here to stay. So a huge trend in 2019 is smart, functional and creative ways to use those small spaces. Ideas focus on multifunctional spaces, fold-out storage space and smart partition walls such as curtains.

Even if you do not have a small space, you may want to consider using trendy space-saving techniques such as stand-alone cabinets, convertible furniture, folding desks or a compact kitchen storage. These ideas can lead to a clean, minimalist and streamlined space.

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2019 Interior designs Trends Eco design

Expect sustainable material to grow, such as the sustainable Kirei bench in this spa. Image: Studio Santalla

Sustainable design in trends in the interior of 2019

Sustainability is a popular concern. So 2019 expects to see interior design trends that help people live environmentally friendly. For example, indoor gardening as a vertical herb garden is popular in kitchens. That way you can grow your own fresh ingredients for cooking in a way that can no longer be localized. Living plant walls have become a huge trend that does not seem to disappear in 2019.

You will probably also see sustainable design materials. The picture above shows, for example, sustainably produced materials in the furniture and fabrics. Even wall art is sustainable: it is made from black and white recycled plastic! Finding trendy and environmentally conscious pieces like this can be an easy way to make your home more sustainable in 2019.

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2019 Trends in interior design Curved furniture

Curved furniture finds a place in contemporary styles. Image: Amy Lau Design

Curved furniture

Perhaps one of the most surprising trends is the return of curved furniture. This style of furniture was popular in the middle of the 20thth century. It has since been replaced with grim geometry using slender lines. But now curved lines are back.

Expect to see furniture with curvilinear notches, from chairs to benches. So if you need to replace a piece of furniture and want to be trendy for the new year, try a curved piece like the one above. The light curves give a look of relaxed elegance. Curves also fit perfectly with natural, casual or artistic room styles.

Which design trends in 2019 are you enthusiastic about? Let us know in the comments.

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