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5 Creative Ways to Get Bold Colors into Your Space

Thick colors are a wonderful addition to just about every room. They add an eye-catching element that just pulls you inside. They also work well in different styles, from the nursery to artistic or boho spaces for adults. An accent color in a single piece can also work well in modern and minimalist spaces to provide a subtle pop of color.

See below for some creative ways to bring bold colors to your home. These ideas vary depending on how much effort you are willing to deploy, from retouching a bathroom to placing a few colorful pieces of furniture in the room.

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These jelly chairs give instant color. Image: St Margarets Renovation and Kitchen Extension

Wild jelly chairs

The jelly products in the picture above offer a good idea. Their transparent quality casts bright shades on the space behind them. Choosing different shades in every chair gives a nice, artistic look.

Combining brightly colored chairs with other colorful aspects in the room also gives a sense of cohesion in space. For example, the chairs fit well with the bold, colorful wall art behind the bar. The neon orange bar stools fit exactly in the style. Meanwhile, more subtle accents such as the bright yellow flowers on the table make the appearance.

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Bold Colors Bright Upholstery

Competitive upholstery shades work well when properly balanced in a room. Image: John David Edison Interior Design

Multicolored upholstery

In the same way you can opt for bold shades in your upholstery choices. The photo above shows how well several shades of upholstery can work in the same room.

To prevent the room from being random, this style has the same shade on a sofa as on the dining room chairs. The pink on the couch is reflected in the wall art in the room. Finally, the blue shade on the chairs in the foreground is reflected in the vases under the wall art. All colors are well balanced in other parts of the room.

The bold colors also stand out against a background of grim white and black. This adds a neutral balance to the space.

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High-fat color yellow portico

Add a striking accent color to a foyer for an instant style. Image: Decorated by Anna

Accent entrance

A nice way to add a little bit of color to your house is to add an accent color to the entrance. This gives you a bold shadow that does not dominate the rest of the house, especially if you're not looking for too much color. It adds a little pop to an area that is usually difficult to style.

Foyers are often left behind in search of boring and uninspiring. People consider them as a space that is simply there to move quickly to reach the rest of the house. However, it is also where you greet guests and make your first impressions. A little accent color, like in the yellow seat on the above photo, adds a simple and direct style to a hall.

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Bold Colors bathroom tile

Tile mosaics are a good way to breathe color in a room. Image: Lucy Call

Statement tile for bold colors

Another idea to add bold colors to a house is to go for a fill tile as in the picture above. Consider combining bold tones in a mosaic style for maximum effect. The clear sea foam and the daring light blue combine well with the deep blue and dark green colors for a design that really catches the eye. You could also think of a neon orange tiled accent wall or backsplash.

To make these styles pop, you might want to pair them with a neutral color scheme in the rest of the room. The bold tile does not have to visually compete with something, so that the space looks organized and is updated.

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Bold Colors Pink Bedroom

Wood painting is an easy way to directly create accent pieces. Image: Country Joe Homes

Colorful paint on wooden pieces

Breathe direct colors in a room with bright paint on the wooden pieces in a room. For example, the photo above shows how well the concept works on two headboards and a sideboard. To bring the color to the rest of the room, the same bright pink hue is reflected in some of the dots on the bedspreads.

You can also get a similar look by painting end tables, wooden rocking chairs or the outside of a bookshelf. It is a direct way to make a striking accent. This style works best when the brightly colored pieces stand against a generally neutral color scheme, so that the accent pieces do not compete too much with larger elements in the room.

What are your favorite ways to bring striking colors to your home?

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