5 beautiful Airbnb homes we wish we had been quarantined

Collect this idea5 beautiful Airbnb homes we wish we had been quarantined

With the mandates for home continuing to extend through April, many of us get a little excited and – let's face it – get bored with our apartments and houses. To help you daydream about other places you could be stuck with, we've rounded up some of the most beautiful, peaceful, and socially-haunted Airbnb homes.

This house has a very lazy river built into the backyard. Sit back in a tube and float through a maze of palm trees and waterfalls in the Arizona sun. And that's just the beginning. This home also has a hot tub, basketball court, golf net, putt-putt court, shuffleboard, fire pit and game room – suffice it to say you never be bored. Bonus Benefit – The listing states on-demand delivery of groceries.

10 guests, $ 1,250 / night.

Tucked away in a mountain, this house is sure to keep you calm and relaxed during quarantine. The view is peaceful and the interior has a soft modern design. The house has both a pool and a hot tub. There are tons of windows for natural light and mountain views in every room. We can imagine endless self-care and spa days to keep the stress at bay. There is even a recreation room with yoga mats, candles, books and meditation cushions.

16+ guests, $ 519 / night

This house would certainly play the most epic hide and seek. Built in the 1860s, the place is full of history and character. It has a large garden with a volleyball net and plenty of shade under different tree species. With vine-covered bricks, shuttered windows, Gothic fireplaces, a reading nook under a staircase, and a tiny creaky attic in a tower – this home can fulfill all of your haunted mansion dreams.

14 guests, $ 1,500 / night

Pure paradise can be found at this lavish three-story estate in Florida. The secluded garden has a 15-meter swimming pool and is surrounded by tropical greenery. It has seating on the terrace for sunbathing or relaxing in the shade. The house comes with 10 bikes for riding around the neighborhood, paddleboards and snorkel gear for the beach. Get a glimpse of how the other half lives with a giant kitchen, private beach and elevator (seriously.)

5. Wilton Castle – Bree, Country Wexford, Ireland

14 guests, $ 1202 / night

Yes, it is a castle. A 19th century castle in Ireland, located on the banks of the Boro River, to be precise. The interior is a mixture of regal and rustic with beautiful wallpaper, long halls and cozy sitting rooms. You could wander and walk for hours on the large estate and kill the surrounding countryside. You may even see a herd of cows wandering by. With an Airbnb so elegant and charming, who wouldn't want to stay?