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20 Ways to Plan Room Designs with Seasonal Decorating

If you are planning to redecorate a room, you may want to consider how the design fits into your seasonal decoration all year round. It sounds counter-intuitive. After all, it is customary to just throw a seasonal decor in the room style that you already have. Why decorating the house all year round would dominate the house?

But if you stop thinking about how your overall room colors work in relation to your seasonal decoration, you can take your home to a new level around the holidays. For example, you can choose a warm color scheme if you prefer the golden Christmas decoration, so that the bright golden shade does not collide with too many other colors in the room. Or maybe you have red spots around the room to combine with different holiday items.

Another option is to find decorations for decorating holidays that work with the room styles you already have. That way you do not have to redecorate rooms completely, if that is not something you want to tackle. Look below to see how different color schemes for the holidays work with different general room designs.

Seasonal decoration in red

Red is of course a mainstay for seasonal decoration. Together with green and white, the three form the traditional colors associated with Christmas. Red is a favorite because it just pops, making it a good option for an accent color during the holidays. In addition, red appears in many seasonal decor articles, from the red suit of Santa Claus to the nose of Rudolf.

Think of subtle or daring ways to have red in your room all year round. That way it will be easy to fit into a variety of seasonal decor items. You could paint an accent piece, have a bright red chair or choose a daring whole red color scheme. Look below for some holiday color schemes that accentuate the red colors in the room.

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Paint a kitchen island red to match a traditional green and red Christmas color scheme. Image: M & S

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Seasonal decorating red door design

A door with a red accent looks daring all year round and is a natural look during the holidays. Image: Your Space by Design

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Seasonal decorating Distressed wood red

You are not limited to color scheme; try to go for distressed wood with a red classic country Christmas theme. Image: Cosa Belle Interiors

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Seasonal decorating red wood style

Warm cherry wood also fits well with sumptuous, red Christmas displays. Image: Rikki Snyder

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Seasonal Decorating Red Color Scheme

This bold red color scheme works well around the holidays. Image: Farrow & Ball

Seasonal decoration in green

And then there is the other main color of the holiday: green. Green is easy to integrate into a space around the holiday, because it is a natural addition in the form of evergreen trees and garlands. Many holiday items also have red and green, such as Christmas cushions.

So a good option to give your home a cohesive look around the holidays is of course to have a number of permanent green fixtures. You may have green furniture, green branches or even green accent walls. Look below to see how color schemes for green holidays work with the overall design of the room.

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Seasonal beautifying green chair style

This Christmas tree corresponds to the green chairs and the green on the curtains. Image: Tobi Fairley

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Seasonal decoration Topiary style

Green topiaries all year round are a natural match for garland and a Christmas tree. Image: Leanne Michael

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Seasonal decorating chair with green accents

This photo shows how well a Christmas pillow fits with green flower accents on a chair. Image: Robeson Design

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Seasonal decorating green Ottoman design

A bright green armchair and a pouf fit well with the Christmas tree. Image: Maria Killam

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Seasonal decorations outdoors

The napkins in this unique Christmas table go together with the surrounding lush greenery; it is a good idea for climates that are warm in December. Image: Groundwork

Seasonal decoration in silver

Another favorite color scheme for seasonal decoration is silver. From silver bubbles to silver snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, silver gives a cool, wintery atmosphere. You also have many more options with silver for your overall room design. With silver you want to make mistakes on the side of light and neutral colors. That way, the silver does not have to compete with sharper colors to stand out.

And because light and neutral color schemes are so popular, you may already have the perfect palette to decorate these holidays with silver. Look below to view some great silver color scheme & how they work with the rest of the room.

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Seasonal silver decoration

The light blue walls and silver textures on the tree create a cool, frosty effect for winter decoration. Image: Robeson Design

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Seasonal decorating gray room

Silver is a natural choice against a background of neutral colors, such as this white and gray space. Image: Lux Interior Design

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Seasonal decoration of white walls and reindeer

This silver reindeer stands well against a cool white and light blue color scheme. Image: Robeson Design

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Seasonal decoration with gray wall

Here is another example of how well silver works against a gray color scheme. Image: Houseology Design Group Limited

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Seasonal decorating silver snowflakes Design

The reindeer with silver spots and silver snowflakes do not have to compete against anything when placed in front of a large mirror and a light wall. Image: Robeson Design

Seasonal decoration in gold

Another favorite holiday decoration is gold. It gives a look of lush holiday richness, making it a favorite for decorations in the decor of a holiday. Gold, however, can be a bit more difficult to simply throw in a room. It works best against warm colors that are already present in the room. In this way, the golden, seasonal decor elements look like they belong, instead of something that you just thrown in during your vacation. Below are several styles where gold naturally fits into the design of the surrounding space.

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Seasonal decoration Golden Style

Golden holiday elements work well against warm wood designs and golden elements throughout the year, such as the mirror frame. Image: Linly Designs

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Seasonal decoration of golden and brown walls

Gold can work well against light brown wall structures. Image: Regina Gust Luxe Seasonal and floral decoration

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Seasonal decorating yellow stone mantelpiece

These golden angels fit well with the golden-yellow tones in the chimney. Image: Dawn Hearn Interior Design

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Decorating seasonal art and garland

Gold accents on a garland are a natural match with warm-toned art. Image: Robeson Design

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Seasonal decorating of golden curtains

The golden decorations on this tree fit well with the golden curtains. Image: Regina Gust Luxe Seasonal and floral decoration

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