20 of the Best Items in Truly Scary Halloween Decor

20 of the Best Items in Truly Scary Halloween Decor

Give your neighbors a real load with these creepy Halloween decorations. Source: Between Naps on the Porch

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One of the best things about Halloween is making a horror movie set at home. It is especially nice when you use a scary Halloween decor to make the stage for a haunted house party. With so many different Halloween decorations out there, the possibilities are endless for which kinds of themes you decide to bring to your home. Below are some top ideas for ghosts, monsters and other fears to put this Halloween in your house.

Because we all have different levels of gore that we can handle, these ideas range from spine-tingling to more abstract ideas such as silhouettes. You could get some ideas in October for the kind of scary Halloween decor that you would like to have in your decorations.


One of the most popular items in scary Halloween decor is the ghostly spirit or creepy. Some of these can be really rude for dizzying fears. These tend to have very detailed levels of decay, such as a deep-sea skull full of holes and barnacles. Others are more abstract and leave something within that hood could be up to the imagination. Still, others have special effect glowing eyes, making them good for parties with low light or hanging outside for trick-or-treaters. Here are a few examples so that you can find something that fits exactly how many fears you can gain in your home.


Scary Halloween Decor glowing glowing spirit

Glowing eye effects add a level of ghostlyness. Image: Grandin Road


Scary Halloween decor detailed sea skull

You can choose a theme, such as Davy Jones & Locker, with this deep-sea skull. Image: Grandin Road


Scary Halloween decor Hollow Ghoul

Hanging spooky figures with hollow heads are a popular Halloween decoration. Image: Grandin Road


Scary Halloween decor metal shelf Ghoul

This metal ghostly ghost is a surprisingly high-quality addition to a shelf. Image: Wayfair


Scary Halloween decor long skeleton Ghoul

Skeleton spirits with glowing eyes are a solid choice for adding anxiety attacks to your home. Image: Target


A favorite of Halloween, all kinds of monsters can enter your house with these scary Halloween decorations. A great aspect of monsters is that you can go as wild or as tame as you want. You can choose a few black spiders or start a full horror show with some realistic zombies coming out of your front yard.

It is worth mentioning the collection Dark Wonder Decor from Target from 2018, because one of the items below comes from this line. This is a unique collection that combines a chic style with a spooky Halloween decor. If you want a sense of class and style with your seasonal decorations, look here.


Scary Halloween decor Black Spider

From the Target Dark Wonder line, a spider can add a subtle spooky accent. Image: Target


Scary Halloween decor Gargoyle Cling

Gargoyles are a fun Halloween monster because they can attach themselves everywhere. Image: Wayfair


Scary Halloween decor Zombie figure

You can go for the scariest Halloween decor with this zombie with glowing eyes. Image: Target


Scary Halloween Décor Pumpkin Ghoul

This Halloween monster combines fear attacks with a pumpkin decor theme. Image: Target


Scary Halloween decor Frankenstein & # 39; s Monster

Without the Frankenstein monster, it would not be Halloween. Image: Amazon

Creepy silhouettes

Do not you feel the monsters, bloody details and spirits that haunt you in your dreams? You can still work with scary Halloween equipment. These silhouette designs give that Halloween wit, while more of the details remain in the imagination. Some even have nice elements, such as black cats and scary witches.

These tend to work well at yards, because they are larger pieces, although it is possible to hang on interior walls. Take a look below to get inspiration for using ghostly silhouettes that speak to the imagination.


Scary Halloween decor Owl outline

This skeletal tree with a ghostly owl is screaming Halloween. Image: Grandin Road


Scary Halloween decor house outline

Form a very creepy scene with this design. Image: Grandin Road


Scary Halloween decor witch and cats

Let it look like a witch and her family stalks over the lawn. Image: Grandin Road


Scary Halloween decor skull piece

This is a ghostly addition to any wall space inside or outside. Image: Wayfair


Scary Halloween ornament. Pirate skull and crossed bones

A skull and crossbones is a good design for a Halloween pirate theme. Image: Wayfair

Use of the macabre in scary Halloween decor

And finally, if you’re in the game for a maximum scary Halloween decor, you’re likely to venture into the realm of macabre. The official definition of macabre is: “Disturbing and horrific because of involvement or display of death and injury.”

These elements usually have body parts that are separated from their owners and ghostly skeleton designs. Heads can be on plates, hands can come out of the wall, figures can hold their own heads or skeletons can rise from the ground. It is the ultimate scary Halloween decor, so look below for some ghostly Halloween inspiration.


Scary Halloween decor main dish

Go with your head on a dish at your dining table for some dark humor. Image: Grandin Road


Scary Halloween decor wall hands

Offer a hand or two for hanging coats or hats. Image: Grandin Road


Scary Halloween decor Maid skeleton

Nothing is macabre than a skeleton that holds her own head. Image: Wayfair


Scary Halloween decor Skeleton wall fixtures

Skeletons coming out of the wall will certainly add Halloween fears. Image: Wayfair


Scary Halloween decor Skeleton Rising with lantern

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