15 Bathrooms That Will Make You Fall in Love With Penny Tile

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A penny tile can give every bathroom a polished look. Statue: Hisbalit

Tiles in the bathroom may sound just as original as florals for spring. But just like with every good floral print, the tile's wow factor comes down to the one you choose. Do not be square! The penny tile (also called a penny round) is a small tile in a round or hexagonal shape that can help you make a visual impact in your bathroom.

Penny tiles are often seen in historic houses, but we also start seeing them in the hippest coffee shops and the most popular bars. Why? They add an interesting aesthetic, they are extremely versatile and – like any good tile – they are also easy to maintain in even the wettest areas.

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cent tiles 2

Find this tile in a metal finish for a refined feel. Image: The Yard

Use penny tile in the bathroom

Let's talk about the versatility of these small tiles. You can find them in traditional ceramics or porcelain, but they are also available in more interesting materials such as glass or metal. And do not worry, before you become desperate about the work that goes with laying an essentially inconspicuous mosaic. You can buy cent tile that is already arranged on a gauze back, so all you have to do is add around the established pattern. It is a small trick where people think that you have invested a lot in creating a first-class look for your bathroom.

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cent tiles 3

The penny tile backsplash is easy to keep clean, making it popular again. Statue: Modwalls Tile Company

The revival of the cents tile

This is not the first time that the penny tile is in the sun. The tile – especially the hexagonal variant – was popular in homes throughout the country in the early 20th century. That is while you often see it in historic houses, or in houses where people try to create a vintage feeling.

That does not mean, however, that this tile style only works if you go for a retro feeling. Choosing a single cent tile can give a sleek, minimalist look. On the other side of the spectrum, choosing a wide range of colored tiles and arranging them in interesting patterns yields maximalism. It is clear that this is a versatile design function. Let's look at some bathrooms that use pin tiles to make your creative wheels spin.

12 extra bathrooms with cent tiles

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cent tiles 4

You can use penny tiles to create an abstract pattern. Statue: Design Platform

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cent tile 5

Wittinten tiles can give a bathroom a clean look without feeling too grim. Statue: L. Thibeault & Assoc.

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cent tiles 6

You do not have to limit yourself. You can mix and match tile styles to create your dream bathroom. Statue: Kitchen design concepts

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cent tiles 7

Choose cent tiles in a moody shade to give your bathroom a retreat-like look. Statue: Студия Антона Базалийского

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cent tiles 8

If you are looking for a classic feeling in your bathroom, pin tiles are exactly what you are looking for. Statue: Brennan + business architects

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cent tiles 9

Choose tiles in multiple shades of the same color for a structured look. Statue: bg architecture

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cent tile 10

Round pin tiles give a bathroom a clean, polished look. Statue: Kelly Scanlon Interior Design

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cent tile 11

Contrasting tiles can add an interesting element without overwhelming a small powder room. Statue: Peter A. Sellar – Architectural photographer

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cent tile 12

Marry penny tiles and wood for a refined sauna. Statue: Hufft

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cent tile 13

Play your penny tile against other patterns for a nice feeling in your bathroom. Statue: Embracing space

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cent tiles 14

These small tiles are perfect for covering smaller areas such as this wall corner. Statue: USi Stone & Tile

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cent tile 15

There is no limit with this tile. You can create any pattern that you can imagine. Statue: Nicole Migeon Architect

What do you think of the return of penny tile to popularity? Would you use it in your bathroom? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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