10 places to sell your old stuff

Decluttering is not my favorite job, but it does have its benefits. Aside from freeing unwanted items, you may be able to make some money from it.

Depending on what you need to sell, there are a plethora of options for selling it. My first places to sell items are Facebook Marketplace, eBay and Craigs List. Each of these has its advantages, but there are plenty of other online services that are also useful.


For clothes, I usually sell mine on eBay. When I mention clothes on that platform, they almost always sell. I think the auction aspect has the potential to bring in the most money for your pieces. It is a good option if you only sell clothes occasionally.

The only other service I've personally tried is ThreadUp. I liked that too, but I think eBay is bringing in some more money. The advantage of ThreadUp is that they make it so easy. They deliver your postage containers, you send them your clothes and they offer you money or credit in exchange. You can use the credit to shop on their site.

Another popular online clothing selling market is Poshmark. I did not use this myself, but my niece did. I think you can earn a decent side income with this if you have a lot to sell and you consistently sell. Like social media platforms, Poshmark will reward you with more visibility based on the number of items you list and how often you spend on their platform.


vintage sideboard, where you can sell furniture online

My first choice for selling furniture online is Facebook Marketplace. It usually generates the most response in the shortest possible time. Because you can sell locally, it is easier to unload larger pieces.

How it works, list it on Marketplace and when you have an interested buyer arrange the pick up. If you are suspicious of people coming to your home, you can choose a central location. For large pieces, I let the buyer come to my house, but I take the furniture outside.

My second favorite option for selling furniture is Craigs List. If an item doesn't sell quickly on Facebook Marketplace, I will list it on Craig's List. I use this for the same reason, it is easier to arrange local pick up.


where you can sell books for cash

Cash 4 Books is a service that makes selling your old books super easy. You can type the ISBN on the back of your book into their site and they will give you a quote immediately. If you think the amount is reasonable, they will send you a prepaid shipping label to ship your books. After receipt they will transfer the payment to you.

They also have an app that allows you to easily scan the ISBN code on the back of your book.

Bookscouter.com is a site where you can buy and sell books for the best price. Just like Cash4Books, just type in the ISBN number to generate the search.


where to sell cell phones and electronics for cash

Gazelle is a well-known source that will repurchase your old mobile phones. However, they also repurchase iPads and some computers. How it works, search for the item you want to sell on Gazelle. Once you find it, answer a few questions depending on the condition, and then they'll make you an offer.

Shipping of your item is free and you will be paid upon receipt.

Swappa is another site where you can buy and sell technical stuff. They trade in everything from computers to watches. As with eBay, make the listing, add your photos, and set the price.

I have also heard that there is a market for broken or obsolete electronics on eBay.

Video games / CDs / records / DVDs

where you can sell old video games, CDs and DVDs

Who doesn't have stacks of old CDs or DVDs that take up storage space?

Decluttr is known for their buy back of CDs, DVDs and video games. However, they do repurchase books, cell phones, and legos.

How it works is that you enter the barcode of your CD, DVD or video game and they will make you an offer immediately. If you choose to use their app, you can scan the barcode instead. They also offer a prepaid shipping label that allows you to ship your items.

Another option that works much the same way as Decluttr is SellDVDsonline. I would suggest trying out a few of these sites to see where you can get the most money.


where you can sell unwanted stuff

As with furniture, for larger household items like home decor, I always go to Facebook Marketplace first and Craigs List second. For larger items, it's easier than selling something to ship. No time wasted running around looking for the right size box to send things in.

Sports equipment

where you can remove sports equipment

Most children outgrow that expensive sports equipment while it is still in good condition.

Play It Again Sports is a physical franchise, so you'll have to search for locations to find one closest to you. Take your things to the store and they will make you an offer on the spot.

Children's items

where to sell toys and clothes for children

Once Upon a Child works the same as Play It Again Sports. Check their website first to see what they will be buying and then take your items to the store in person.

ThredUp is worth mentioning here. They also trade in children's clothing and can be a great way to exchange your child's wardrobe as they grow.

For old toys, I would use eBay's auction item to generate the most money.

Quick tips for online sales

A picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure you have crisp, clear pictures when you list the item yourself. You do not need luxury equipment, a camera for a mobile phone is sufficient.

Also, make sure to include a detailed description of the item and any measurements.

Be honest about the condition of your items. If they are not in good condition, consider other ways to recycle them.

Do you have any favorite resources for selling old stuff not listed here? I would like to hear more.

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