10 New Year’s Resolutions for Busy (and Lazy) People

The new year is a time for change. This annual milestone is usually accompanied by new goals, plans and objectives. Unfortunately, most people do not keep up with the resolutions of their new year, often because the goals are so clumsy that they become untenable. And if you are busy (or lazy), it is twice as difficult to stay steadfast. However, we have compiled a list with relatively easy ways to make minor changes to your home this year. Here are 10 resolutions of the new year that you can keep.

Let a green thumb grow

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Plants add beauty and health benefits. Image: M + Architecture Studio

If you do not have green fingers, you must purchase at least one plant this year. And if you do not kill it, you may discover that you are real like tends to plants. In addition to adding beauty to your home, studies show that fresh flowers can reduce anxiety and depression, and some of the best and easy-to-care houseplants are Golden Pothos and Chrysanthemums. After you have become more comfortable indoor plants, you can decide to grow perennials, shrubs and other plants in your garden.

Reduce your fire risk

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clothes dryer

Clean behind your devices at least every quarter. Image: Cynthia Hayes Interior Design

Devices offer convenience, but they can also start burning. Operate every three months when cleaning under and behind your equipment (refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, etc.) and clean your air vents after each use. These actions not only help you to prevent fire, but they can also make your devices work more efficiently.

Make at least one small decoration change

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shower curtain

A new shower curtain can transform your bathroom. Image: Shelly Chung Design

If you have not changed your curtains or curtains in 10 years, you have been around for a while. And if you simply change your shower curtain, your bathroom can look new, and it can motivate you to make additional changes to your entire home while working on the resolutions of your new year.

Organize and label

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organize and label

A place for everything and everything in its place. Image: Neat method San Diego

These beautiful glass containers are available in almost every large crate shop and the labels help you keep everything organized. “The new year is the perfect time to set up resolutions and make a fresh start with organizing your life and space”, explains Jacquie Hunter of P-touch, which makes the P-touch CUBE label maker. “Convenient features such as pre-designed templates and auto cut save you time and Bluetooth connectivity allows you to create custom labels directly from your phone to label kitchen ingredients, off-season clothing, holiday decorations and endless other items.”

Perform painless updates

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bath fixtures

Easily update your hardware. Image: Globus Builder

With a simple screwdriver you can replace the towel rack and toilet roll holder in your bathroom and the knobs of the cabinet and pull in your bathroom and kitchen. With so many finishes to choose from, ranging from nickel and stainless steel to bronze and copper tones, this is another inexpensive way to update your home.

Save electricity without thinking about it

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smart light

Set it up and forget about it. Image: Deako Smart Lighting

If you hate to leave the couch to turn off the light or forget to turn off the lights when you leave the house, consider a product such as Deako Smart Lighting, that schedule & # 39; s and timers, so you can control your lights from anywhere. There is also a handy feature that lets you turn off all your lights with one touch. It’s a great way to save money on your electricity bill and if you’ve added “save” to your New Year resolutions list, you can keep your resolution a snap.

Avoid rubbish

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Keep your work surfaces clean. Image: Michael Abraham Architecture

If you hate to clean up clutter, here’s a thought: do not let rubbish accumulate in the first place. “Consider cleaning while you work”, recommends professional organizer Barbara Reich from Resourceful Consultants. “Make it a habit to pick things up and put them away as you walk through the house and work in different rooms.” She also recommends placing objects where you will actually use them. “You are more likely to dispose of things if they are stored where you take them away,” Reich explains.

Was wise

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Work smarter not harder. Image: Art of kitchens

“Stop placing dirty dishes and cups in the sink and putting them in the dishwasher later,” advises Reich. “Do a quick rinse and load the dishwasher in the moment,” she says. Reich also recommends filling the dishwasher in the right way, which means that you place things neatly together. “If you do that, the dishwasher will take three minutes to empty,” she says. Using the dishwasher also saves more water than hand-washing in the sink, another way to minimize energy bills and help you with the resolution of your new year to save money.

Treat yourself

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living a life

Enjoy everyday luxury. Image: Luin Living

One of the good intentions of your new year should be to take better care of yourself. You have to relax and freshen up. “But it is not necessary to go to a spa or a luxury hotel to experience this kind of wonderful feeling”, says Marie Alfano, Director of Operations at Luin Living USA. “Every day in your own home you can create a spa or sanctuary environment with the right tools.” Luin Living makes towels, bathrobes, home shoes, candles, blankets, bedding and an assortment of other comfortable and yet stylish items to let yourself be pampered. Creating a relaxed environment can help to resolve those feelings of stress and anxiety and enable you to focus on what is most important in 2019.

Embrace Minimalism

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Minimalistic design. Image: Marcye Philbrook

Minimalistic design is clear. Minimalism, however, is more than just a design style. “Embrace minimalism by having fewer possessions in your life,” says Reich. “Less items to take care of translates to more time to do what you like.”

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